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Celebrating and Sharing Your Successes

Do you celebrate success? I want you to picture something for a moment. You just had THE BEST week of sales in your e-commerce business—you’ve completely shattered past sales records. You chose just the right product, you priced it right, you shipped it fast…the whole 9 yards.

And you’re standing there, a huge smile on your face, almost not able to stand still because you’re so freaking excited, and the person next to you asks, “Why are you so happy?”

Your eyes widen. Your pulse quickens.

Do you tell them?  Do you jump in the air and shout that you just sold thousands of dollars of inventory online and you’re so excited you can barely breathe?

My guess? Probably not.

celebrate success

Why is it SO Hard for Us to Celebrate Success?

Maybe you smile and say, “It’s just a great day” or maybe you’ll REALLY go out on a limb and say, “My business is doing well, and that makes me happy.”

That’s the polite thing to do, isn’t it?

Because if you told them the truth, you think it might hurt or discourage them if they’re struggling somehow.

Or that you’d be bragging.

Or that you’d come across as being “better” somehow than the other person.

And besides, they won’t relate, right?

All of that was me a year ago. Heck, that was me a few MONTHS ago!  Celebrating success seemed…well…not nice.

Oh—don’t get me wrong.  If I twisted my ankle after stepping on a lego, I am certainly going to tell my friends. If I was tired because I’d been up late because my youngest was sick, I had no problem sharing THAT with people in my church group.

Everybody understands THOSE things. They understand the everyday, being-a-parent, sort of not-so-nice experiences.

But success?  Yeah, I didn’t talk about that.

Then I met Tony Robbins at a conference. (He’s GINORMOUS, by the way! Oh my gosh!)  And he asked, “Why is everybody always so worried about sharing our successes? We’ve worked hard, so why isn’t it okay to celebrate when it all pays off?”


And I thought about all of those days when my businesses were doing so well and blowing my mind with what was going on, and there were so few people I could share that with.  My husband Jared celebrated with me, and my extended family to some extent. And of course, the people who worked for me were happy that we were doing well as a company.

But I didn’t  have that group of people who I could truly SHARE that success with…who really GOT it.

Until now.

That’s why I’m giving YOU the chance and the space to celebrate your wins the way I never could.

Check Out these 14 Easy Ways to Celebrate Success!

Free Download - 14 Ways to Celebrate Success - Alison Prince


Just take a couple of minutes to watch the video above that shares how and why I think celebrating is so important. It takes less than 4 minutes from start to finish, and my hope is that you’ll let it be your own sort of “Tony Robbins” moment that leads you to share your successes.

And…here are 14 ways that you easily (and enthusiastically) celebrate successes in your online business:

#1: Jeni's Ice Cream

If you haven't had it, people, you are missing OUT!  It's the best!  Plus, they ship it right to your door in a VERY bright orange box complete with a huge chunk of dry ice. Yep–a treat plus a way to entertain yourself. (Except do be careful with dry ice. It's literally too cool to touch.)  They even have dairy-free ice creams AND sorbets, in case you are lactose intolerant.  Huzzah!

#2: Clean

Okay, before you raise that eyebrow at me, think of this: you've worked crazy hard. When that happens, sometimes our desk or workspace can get all cluttered. Taking 30 minutes to tidy up can be an absolute luxury, and it's so lovely to get to work in a space that makes you grin.

#3: Give yourself a raise

As soon as your business is profitable, you need to pay yourself a little something. There. I've said it.  And as you grow, you should be totally okay with giving yourself a raise. I'm not saying take all the money in your business bank account (that would backfire in a big way!)  As your business builds, start taking a bit more income for yourself.  Even just giving yourself an extra $50 or $100 a single time can feel like a special treat.  (And heck–you definitely earned it!)

#4: Call a business BFF

So this is one of my favorite things ever. When you are building an e-commerce business, some people just are NOT going to understand what you're doing or why. But others will. Even if they're entrepreneurs in another field, they understand what it means to have a big day or week, and they're excited for you. Call them up and let them celebrate with you.  (And definitely be willing to do the same thing for them, too.)

#5: Grab your gratitude journal

Don't have one? Get one. Detail all of the great things that happen in your day. Even if just one thing good happened in your day (like you made it through it.) Gratitude journals allow you to express yourself authentically, and I cannot tell you how many times I've gone back and read through mine when I have a challenge arise to give me a little “umph.”  No joke. Grab a notebook and start writing.

#6: Get physical

Hit the gym, go for a walk, go bike a trail…whatever gets your muscles moving. It's a huge endorphin rush that makes you feel even better and more alive. Also…you'll need to burn some of those calories that just arrived at your door from Jeni's.

#7: Buy yourself a little something

I don't mean a car or a boat or ANYTHING that would put you in debt. But you know how there are always those little things that you want to replace but just never do? Mismatched glasses in your cupboard? A run to Target or Costco will get you a beautiful new set. Pillows on your couch looking a bit frumpy?  Go grab a couple of nice fluffy ones. If your favorite pair of jeans finally gave out, treat yourself to the perfect new pair. You'll be happy now and pretty much any time you look at the stuff you just replaced.

#8: Laugh

My personal favorite is grabbing a Brian Regan video and laughing until I can't breathe. Humor is another big endorphin releaser that just makes us feel good. Whoever your favorite stand up is, watch it and prepare to get your giggle on.

#9: Take a picture

Whaaaa?  Snap a picture of your success. Maybe it's a screenshot of your Shopify numbers or packages that you're shipping out. Trust me; when you look back on it a year from now, you'll love seeing just how far you've come.

#10: Catch some zzzzz's

Treat yourself to a well-earned nap. If you've been working crazy hours in your business, put on a sleep mask, turn on some white noise and let yourself drift off to dream.  Sigh…that sounds nice, doesn't it?

#11: Get some Vitamin D

Have you ever noticed that pets instantly gravitate to sunny patches in the room? They practically bask in them. Why? Because they feel freaking great! Follow their lead and find a spot in your home or office where the sun is shining through. It feels amazing, and it will improve your already happy mood even more.

#12: Pamper yourself

I'm a fan of manicures because they not only make my hands look pretty, but they also prevent me from using my phone–so it's like a little pampering vacation. And before you ask, yes, men can get a manicure too. It just is a lovely, lovely experience. Or go for a pedicure (just put the phone where you can't reach it) and allow yourself to soak in the glory of your success.

#13: Dance party!

What's your favorite dance tune? Well, I'm here to tell you that it's time to rock it! Whether it's in your kitchen or the club, bust some moves. Get your heart pumping. Sing along. Fling your arms about. Just have fun. You can do it when no one's around or invite the whole family to join in.  Music is like an instant celebration.

#14:  Keep the momentum going

Write down your next goal or thing you want to accomplish for your business. If you've just hit a new personal sales record, decide what the next one should be. If you want to add a new product to your offerings, write it down. Detail what you want to do while you're feeling great about what you've already done.

You can also get your free, downloadable copy of my 14 Ways to Celebrate Success simply by clicking the link.  

Oh—and if you did have a wow-worthy win today?  Congratulations! I’m crazy proud of you.

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