You’re So LUCKY! | 7 Tips to Increase Your Luck

Do you ever look at someone who has the car or the purse or the house that you’ve dreamed about and just thought “Oh—they’re so lucky?”  Well of course you have—we all have.

You guys! The reality is that luck probably had very little to do with it. They probably got those things the way most people get things: by working hard.

I hear all the time that I’m lucky! Lucky to have done so well in e-commerce. I’m lucky to have built multiple businesses. Lucky to get to work with my husband and kids. I’m lucky to take trips all over.

But really, those things didn’t happen on their own.

They took a lot of preparation.

They took a lot of work

And they took a lot of taking some pretty decent-sized chances.

As the saying goes, the harder I worked, the luckier I became!

Can You Increase Your Luck?

Now, all that having been said, I do think that there are some things you can do to increase your luck, at least what others perceive to be luck.  I’m going to share three of them right now, and there are four more I’m going to share with you in a video AND a handy-dandy download!

Ready?  Here we go:

One:  Be prepared.

Opportunities don’t come along every day, but when they do you need to be ready to recognize them and grab them. If you’re not constantly preparing yourself for the good things to come, you’ll never notice them when they do!

Two:  Never stop learning.

Leaders are learners, so be sure to be listening, reading and actively researching about business, marketing and other topics that will help you grow your company.

Three:  Hit a bump in the road? KEEP GOING.

If you’ve ever been out in the mountains, you know that the bumpiest roads generally take you to the most beautiful places. Keep on going, get over them, around them, through them. Just don’t quit.

Four: Don’t stop.

I can’t even count how many times I’ve thought about stopping. When I just didn’t think I could do it anymore. Here’s the thing: you’re going to hit bumps in the road. Don’t let it stop you. Just get over it and move forward.

Five: Don’t kill yourself.

Don't do it literally or figuratively, please. Seriously, you need to learn to let go of some things. Yes, it’s your business, and you want things done your way. That doesn’t mean you have to do them all by yourself. And  I’m going to be honest: not every single thing needs to be done your way. It’s kinda cool what happens when you give someone an opportunity to share ideas. Great, great things can happen for your business.

Six: Take care of YOU.

You gotta have some time that’s just for you. You need to do things that re-energize you, whether it’s laying in a hammock or hitting the trails on your mountain bike. Get good rest. Drink plenty of water. True story: if you don’t take good care of you, you won’t be able to take good care of your business.

Seven: Be Okay with Foundation Building.

Starting from zero? Yay!!!! You get to go up from there. When you’re just starting out, you get to create something awesome. You get to learn as you go. Maybe you only have a single sale so far. Great! You get to learn how to pack and ship it. Think how awesome you’ll be when you get two sales, or five, or a hundred. The beginning is a great place to be, I promise.


How to Be Lucky - 7 Tips from Alison Prince - increase your luck


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