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28 Ways for Kids to Make Money to Start an E-commerce Business

I'm gonna talk about ways for kids to make money so they can launch their e-commerce business and I'm a bit excited!  I'm gonna throw in a ninja training camp, and I'm gonna show you some kids that are crushing it. 

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What are Some Ways for Kids to Make Money?

I’ve had a lot of questions lately with parents coming up and saying, “Hey, I want my kids to become entrepreneurs and start e-commerce, but we really don't have any money. What are some ways for kids to make money to be able to buy inventory?”  Watch the video below to see our discussion about how kids can start earning their own money and see some kids that are currently crushing it in e-commerce.

We put together a list of a whole bunch of ideas.  One of them that I thought was really good, is to hold a ninja training camp. You invite some of the neighbor kids from the neighborhood over and charge $5.00 or $10 and the kids that are in charge, my eight- and nine-year-old, they could ninja train or superhero train some of the kids in the neighborhood.

You could do that with cupcake wars, have this little mini cupcake war, with some four- and five-year-olds in the neighborhood. My teenagers could put that on.  Check out this list of 28 ways for kids to earn money!  There are so many good ideas that you can do. We've actually got a free section where you don't have to have any money. Zero money. Then another section where a $25 investment into some of these ideas will help you get that cash flow started so that you can start investing into e-commerce and be able to make money while you're sleeping. My girls did it and it is an absolute reality. It's happening. It happens with me in my businesses because e-commerce is amazing.

Start Teaching Kids to Earn Their Own Money

It is so fun to be able to start teaching kids that they can earn their own money. They can create their own financial freedom. If we can start teaching them how this works when they're little, imagine what's gonna happen when they're adults. They're not going to be chained down by financial debt. They're going to know that they have the power to create income and do the things that they want to. Get started, make this a reality.  Talk to your kids about how they can start earning some income so that they can start their e-commerce business.

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