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Working With Your Spouse as You Build Your Online Business

There are a lot of people I’ve met who say “I can’t imagine what it’s like to be working with your spouse.”  I mean, they’re not talking about MY spouse. They’re talking about THEIRS.  The idea of working side-by-side with their husband or wife to build an online business has them shaking their head.  

Jared Prince and Alison Prince - Your Dreams Build Your Identity (and working with your spouse to build your business can be a great idea)

For me, I don’t know what freaks them out so dang bad.  Because to me, working with your spouse as you build your dream makes perfect sense.

But then, I’m married to Jared Prince.

Jared has been my support, my rock, and my sounding board for over 20 years. He’s been the one managing all the things that needed to be handled so that I could build thriving online businesses.

He’s lifted heavy boxes, shipped roughly 9 million packages, given me his opinion on 897 random things (a day)…

…and in the midst of it all, he’s built his own amazing practice as a physical therapist, been the best dad since they were invented, and supported our family in more ways than I could ever count.

He even agreed to get up in front of a crowd of hundreds of (mostly) women at ClanCON 2019 and share how he stays focused, why habits are so important, and why exercise and self-care need to be as much a part of being an entrepreneur as a laptop and a cellphone are.  

And if you want to get pumped up (and learn the million and one reasons working with your spouse is such a dang good idea) watch his ClanCON presentation. His message? Your Dreams Build Your Identity.

Here are a few key takeaways:

Seek Clarity and Define Your Vision 

Get specific when it comes to your goals. What is your vision? Who are you going to serve? Whose lives are you going to change? Take time to ask yourself these questions and really get detailed when it comes to your answers.

Take Action (and Burn the Boat)

Now that you’ve defined your vision, it’s time to commit to a course of action. You have to be willing to work as though your life (or at least your business) depends on it–because it does. (Psst! Watch the video to enjoy Jared’s boat burning analogy…and a little info about what Arnold Schwarzenegger has to say about Plan B’s.)

Care For Your Business by Caring for You

One of the most important drivers in your business is, quite simply, YOU. A regular program of exercise releases “feel good” endorphins and actually helps to improve your cognitive abilities. That means your memory is better and your energy is higher. It helps to awaken our “inner hero”–the part of us that says we can accomplish our goals and focus on solutions–not problems.

Increase Productivity Through Forward-Thinking

Increasing your productivity does not mean multi-tasking. It means knowing what you’re meant to do in your business. Focus on what’s important, and build a team that can help you with the other, less-critical tasks.

Develop Influence

Be conscientious about helping others achieve their dreams. Be willing to ask questions, and be willing to share answers. Follow the example of the people who have influenced you in your own life.

Show Courage

When we show a little bit of courage and a little bit of confidence every day, we change our mindset to one of success. Jared calls it the C4 Formula: Courage + Commitment + Capability = Confidence. But it all starts with being just a little bit brave and having the right attitude.

Jared Prince - Build Your Dreams, Build Your Identity

Seriously, you’re going to want to watch this video so that you can learn from everything Jared had to share with the ClanCon 2019 audience about the importance of good habits–and how your dreams really do build your identity. And I have a feeling you’ll also see why working with your spouse can keep you motivated and keep you moving in the right direction as you build your own business.

Ready to get started creating and growing your own online business selling products online? Become part of the BecauseICAN Clan today.


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