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10 Companies That Will Customize Your Packaging and Help Brand Your Products –


10 companies that will customize your packaging

You’ve already read about how important packaging is in terms of getting your brand out there. Now it’s time to find the right company that can give you the packaging you want. Here are 10 online companies that offer customized packaging and branding products to make sure by the time they get to your customers, your products are unforgettable.

10 Companies That Will Customize Your Packaging and Brand Your Product


1. Packlane

Packlane has a very user-friendly site that walks you through each step of customizing a package. They specialize in mailer boxes, cartons, and shipping boxes. The whole process from start to finish is very quick and you can get an instant quote and order immediately.


2. The Custom Boxes

The benefits of custom boxes is that you are building brand recognition with every order. The Custom Boxes offers everything from boxes, bags, brochures, and tags. Their digital printing offers superb quality at competitive pricing.


3. Bags & Bows

If you’re looking to stand out amongst the crowd, Bags & Bows is worth checking out. Living up to their name, their packaging has a few more frills and thrills. You’ll find trendy shopper bags, nifty window boxes, fancy crinkle cut fill, patterned tissue paper, and more.

Companies That Will Customize Your Packaging

4. Salazar Packaging

Any type of packaging you can think of, Salazar has it. Oh, and they strive to be as green as possible in their materials. You’ll find all kinds of examples of branded packaging on their site.

5. Vista Print

You probably recognize this one and may have used Vista Print before to order business cards or even party invitations. Did you know Vista Print can customize all sorts of products to help your brand along. Think branded postcards to include in your packaging, customized return address labels, and more.

6. Sticker You

Sticker You is a really fun site to shop for branding products. Just seeing the landing page makes me happy. You can find customized roll labels, stickers, even temporary tattoos. Imagine your brand on someone’s arm!

Companies That Will Customize Your Packaging

7. Uline

Uline has a big more of a warehouse feel, but you can find all kinds of useful product packaging supplies like bags, bubble wrap, cushioning, labels, and envelopes. You can even customize tags, tubes, and tissue paper.

8. Alibaba

Yes, that major China distributer also has packing supplies, many of which you can customize. The costs are much lower than other online suppliers, but the minimum order is usually 1000-2000 items. Alibaba is definitely worth checking out their packaging products.

9. Still not sure of a logo? Try these two online logo makers.


10. Pakible

Wanting to put your cool new logo on a shipping mailer or box? Pakible can do that in a few easy steps. Upload your brand and see what it would look like on a poly bag or box, then you order and they print.


I love getting packages in the mail and seeing what other companies and entrepreneurs have chosen as far as branded packaging goes. I hope this gives you a good place to start when searching out companies that will customize your packaging and help brand your products. Looking forward to getting your package in the mail soon1


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