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Can Your Face Help You Sell More?

Do faces really help you get more clicks, comments, and likes on your social accounts?  Can your face help you sell more?  Yes, faces work! Let's discuss how you can use this in your business to help you sell more.

photo of the Prince family, faces help you sell more

Faces Can Convert for You and Help You Sell More

I've got three things for you in this video. Number one involves Mindy and her amazing success. Wait until you see what she's done and how quickly she's done it. It's just really, really cool.  The second thing that I've got for you is how faces can convert even more for you as you build your business and help you sell more. I want to show you how faces in your product pictures and your social pictures can actually lead to more clicks and to more of your exact target audience.  Number three, how the Prince family goes and gets family pictures taken.

How Faces can Help You Sell More in Your Business

I found this article, it talks about how faces are more popular on Instagram. Everything on the internet is true, right? You have to actually do your research to find out if it's true or if it's not true. So that's what I have been doing and I have been looking into for the past little bit. I want to show you some of the things that I found. Okay, so this article references the study that was done: Faces Engage Us: Photos With Faces Attract More Likes And Comments On Instagram.

So according to this study, photos with faces are 38% more likely to receive likes and 32% more likely to receive comments.  So what I wanted to do was check on my own Instagram account to see if that was the reality. After comparing a few sets of photos, I see that it does work on my own social account. And I got to thinking about why it works.  The reason why I believe that it does work, the reason why I think faces have such an impact on your store, on your ability to sell more, is because people can make a connection pretty quick, and it helps you to target down on your specific customer. Faces engage us. So I challenge you to use faces because it is working.

Use More Faces in Your Branding, Marketing, and Social Media

I hope you liked that video and you're inspired to use more faces in your branding, marketing, and social media. If you don't want to use your face, that's okay, use someone else's, it doesn't have to be yours. I was able to build seven businesses without my face in it, and they all did amazing. I was just able to use different faces and to be able to build that emotional pull using my target audience of what I wanted to do. Okay, don't forget, if you want to know more about this, check out the 0-100k masterclass that I teach.


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