How to Get More Email Subscribers and Grow Your Email List

I admit it: I’m kind of excited about today’s blog post because it’s all about growing an email list and how to get more email subscribers.

Now, building an email list may not be crazy exciting for you…at least yet. But I promise you that a quality email list is one of THE most powerful tools for anyone who wants to grow an online business.





How to Get More Email Subscribers for Your Online Shop

So when I started Pick Your Plum, one of my very first online businesses, I had zero mailing list. Because hey—when you start something from scratch, you don’t. But one of my goals was to make sure I collected an email from anyone who came to that site.


Because those were the people who were interested in one way or another in what I had to offer.

That meant I could potentially sell them a product today, tomorrow or somewhere down the line.

And sure enough, that email list I built became a huge way to attract customers, increase the value of my business and ultimately help me sell hundreds of thousands of dollars in product.

So how did I grow that list? First, I added value and used something called a “Lead Magnet.”

A lead magnet is something used to collect a customer’s email address so that you can have the opportunity to market to them. What makes a strong lead magnet? When you offer something of value.

This is super important to remember when it comes to customers both on and offline: very few people are willing to share their email address for no good reason.

I mean, do you like to?  Probably not.

But when you RECEIVE something in return for that email address—something that’s of value to you–you’re way more likely to give it, right?

Let me clarify a little.

Suppose you’re shopping for a great pillow. You just aren’t getting enough rest, and you want a pillow that’s totally going to help you drift off to dream and get all the zzz’s you’re longing for.

So after doing all sorts of research, you find exactly the pillow you think is right for you.  You walk into a pillow store, pick it out and the salesperson rings you up. He then says, “if you sign up today to get news about future events, we’ll give you this beautiful six-pack of energy drinks.”

Wait. What?

You need sleep…but they’re offering you energy drinks that will keep you buzzing for hours on end?

The value just isn’t there, right?

So reimagine it.

You’ve found the pillow, the salesperson rings you up, and then says, “If you’d like to sign up to learn more about our special events, I’d be happy to give you this beautiful pillow case—proven by top physicians to help you sleep better—for free.”

Ta-dah! Value!  I bet you couldn’t give them your email address fast enough!

how to get more email subscribers

Here’s the awesome news! There are tons of great ways to build value for your online customers so that they’re willing to share their email address. It doesn’t have to be something big. In fact, it can be something that costs almost nothing. As long as it solves a customer’s problem, they’ll be more than happy to give you their info in return.

And….because I want to help you come up with some pretty dang awesome ways to build your email list, I’ve created a list of 25 Lead Magnets—segmented by the type of products you sell—for your online business!

Here they are in a nutshell:  

  •      Lead Magnet Ideas if You’re Selling Fashion

From quizzes to fabric secrets, there are a lot of ideas for lead magnets within the fashion realm.  Think outside the box; for example, how fun colors can brighten your mood (and then link to a few products in your shop that fit the bill!)

  •      Lead Magnet Ideas if You’re Selling Kid Products

Oh, my heavenly days—as a parent I’m always looking for ideas to keep my kids busy, healthy and clean! (If you’re a mom or dad, you totally know what I mean!)  Offer magnets that fit the bill. Games for kiddos to play while you’re traveling, quick (and unexpected) snack ideas or ways to get stains out of clothes and you’ve got a winner!

  •      Lead Magnet Ideas if You’re Selling Bakeware and Kitchen Items

There are so many amazing lead magnet ideas in this category. Recipes? Check. Party ideas? Heck yeah. Meal planning? Yes, please. Speeding up your dinner routine? Absolutely.

  •      Lead Magnet Ideas if You’re Selling Jewelry

Take a stroll through Pinterest and you’ll come up with a vast number of ideas for this one. Tips for how to clean jewelry, the kinds of necklaces that flatter your body shape (yep—that’s a thing!) or what’s trending are all possibilities.

  •      Lead Magnet Ideas if You’re Selling Electronics

We have a love/hate relationship with technology, yeah?  So think of the things that are most frustrating (including some your products happen to solve.)  Draining battery, screen damage, tangled cords…even a sore neck that comes from working on a laptop. How can you solve those pesky problems?

  •      Lead Magnet Ideas if You’re Selling Home Décor

This is one of my favorites because there are so many dang options! Here are just a few of them: decluttering tips, how to decorate for the holidays, the must-know secrets of top TV designers….the list goes on. And on.  

  •      Lead Magnet Ideas if You’re Selling Food Items

This one can be fun. In addition to ways to use the food(s) you sell in recipes, consider showing unusual ways to serve it, store it, or gift it. (A coupon is crazy great with this one!)

  •      Lead Magnet Ideas if You’re Selling Sports Products

Whether you’re an athlete or the parent of one, think of the everyday things you face. Getting sweaty clothes fresh, coming up with meal ideas that will keep them going during the race—even getting all the soccer equipment in your car. Share tips and tricks that work, along with a link to your related products or just a discount code.

  •      Lead Magnet Ideas if You’re Selling Crafts

This is where it all began for me. If you’re selling crafts, one of the best things you can do is just give your customers ideas for how to use it. I’ve told the story of how I sold wood blocks, and the secret to it was just demonstrating some of the many possibilities to put them to use.

And here’s something you definitely need to remember: the best lead magnets balance things that you sell in your online store with things that are free, handy and useful. No matter the kind of products you sell, offer value—not just a push to buy.

Get the whole list of the 25 Lead Magnets I’ve created for you to get more email subscribers. Simply click the link to have it delivered straight to your Messenger inbox!


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