Free Emails? How to Grow Your Email List for FREE!

I've got four things for you today. We're going to get an update on Teryn and hear how she is crushing it. I'm going to show you a real quick trip up to Boise, Idaho and some of the amazing things that happened up there. I'm going to show you how you can grow your email list for free. We like free, right? Free is amazing! I'll show you what I did and how you guys can do it too to help start building your email list and growing your business. Finally, the girls had their first real photo shoot. Usually, I take their pictures, but this time we actually hired someone to take their pictures because they're getting ready to build another website.

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You Can Grow Your Email List for Free!

In this video, I talk about how to grow your email list for free, but I also have an exciting update on Teryn and share some #clanwins from our group with you.   I'm just so excited for your guys, E-commerce works. Building a business, making money while you sleep. This works, I see it in the group every day!

What I Did to Grow My Email List for Free and How You Can Too!

I've got four steps to help you grow your email list for free and I'm going to show you how I did it recently. I'm teaching you stuff that's working now, not that worked four years ago. I love this stuff. I'm the biggest geek about it. It makes me so excited and then I get to share it with you.

Create Something of Value

You're going to create something of value, something that your customers would want to have. Here's a couple of ideas. If you're selling or targeting towards kids, you can give a free treasure hunt away or if you're doing party home décor, you can do a free holiday banner printable. Or if you're doing fashion you could give a “What's your body shape and what clothes would fit you the best” list. I'm going to show you what I did to collect emails. So Number 1 is to create your PDF and I'm going to tell you what mine is. It's super simple and it is ways for kids to make money so they can start their online business. That's it. Not a lot of fanciness, just make it look presentable and pretty.

Upload Your Freemium to a Site

Now you're going to upload it to a site. I created mine on ClickFunnels. I'm a big fan of ClickFunnels. What I did is have the title, “28 Ways Kids Can Make Money.” and a little of a spiel about the list.  Then it asks for name and email and has a button to download the free list. So they have to give me their name and they have to give me their email before they can get that free PDF. Once they hit download free list it takes them to the PDF.  It's really simple and I built this page, you guys seriously in about 10 to 15 minutes. It was so fast. 

Share to All of Your Social Media Platforms

You're going to put it out there on social media, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, all those places. Then I actually included it in a little video. I made a little video “Ways for kids to make money” and included the link right to get that free printable. The printable was right there. I use that same link on all my social media accounts. If I don't want to do a video and just have a still picture, I can do that as well. People want a Freemium. People want what you have. Then you're going to give it to them in exchange for their email address. It's free and it's a win/win situation. You give them something and they give you something!

Collect Those Emails and Grow Your Email List for Free

I had 37 people sign up today just by posting it on social media. I did it a few days ago and I'm still getting emails coming in. Yesterday I had 30 and now I have a total of 291. I did have a few people unsubscribe which is fine, but almost 300 emails in just a few days. I'm super happy with that. If you're thinking 30 a day is lame, well let's take 30 times 365 days and let's see how big the email list gets. Almost 11,000 people from just one Freemium that's just continually running. What if I did two Freemiums, three Freemiums, four Freemiums. See how you can grow your list incredibly fast for free? Yeah. That's what we like.

Learn More and Get Involved

If you want more information, I teach a free class. It's Go check it out. Get involved. Learn how to do this so you can change your life and be able to start making income whenever and wherever you want to. It's reality. It's happening every single day. I know, I see it. So check it out. 

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