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Edit Your Product Pictures in About 20 Seconds!

I've got a trick for you. Edit your product pictures in about 20 seconds.   I want you to be able to edit your pictures quick and fast.  Little edits can help increase your sales! Your products will pop, stand out, and look the best ever.

Edit your product pictures in 20 seconds pinterest imagae with alison

The 20-Second Trick to Edit Your Product Pictures

I've got three things for you in this video. Number one, I'm gonna show you if the 0-100k system works. It's pretty awesome. Number two, I'm gonna talk about all the cyber craziness that just went on. I've got a big secret in there about who won. Was it Black Friday or Cyber Monday to take the top sales? You'll have to stick around to see which one won out. Then the last one, number three, I've got a trick for you so you can edit your product pictures in about 20 seconds. Feel free to time me.

Does the 0-100k System Really Work?

Are you wondering if the 0-100k system really works? For everyone that makes money in the 0-100k system, I handwrite them a note and send them a surprise gift. There were 25 this last week. 25 people that just started, made money online. I love this! What a dream, right? To be able to teach people how to make money and then it actually works? I love my life. When I see #Clanwins come in and I get to ship off a note to the winners, I get so excited! It works. The 0-100K system is awesome and it works.

Record-Breaking Cyber Weekend Sales

We had amazing record-breaking cyber weekend sales at Pick Your Plum this year. In fact, Cyber Monday kicked Black Friday's tush, which I was reading that that was gonna happen, but I had to prove it. We proved it.

How to Edit Your Product Pictures in About 20 Seconds

Your customers are going to run if your pictures are crummy, if they're dark or if they look messy. Okay, let me tell you what I use. I use something called Creative Cloud. If you go to Google and type “Creative Cloud,” you're gonna pull up this. It is done by Adobe and I use something called Lightroom. Lightroom will cost you $9.99 a month.  The increased number of sales from having great pictures will easily pay that $9.99 a month.

I brought in a picture to Lightroom, and this picture, it's okay. It's not crazy with hard shadows on it or super dark, but to me, this picture is blah. The picture is darker, it doesn't pop. It's just okay. I'm going to up the whites and the highlights just a bit.  Take off some of the shadows around the outside.  Then take the blacks down just a little tiny bit. Just play around with these four if you're just getting started. If you are more advanced in Lightroom, there are more settings you can adjust.

Now the picture looks like I have turned on the lights.  It pops a little bit more and it gives it a little bit more definition and just the contrast that people want to see. Remember, don't change the colors. You don't want to change colors on your product. All you're doing is you're giving them a little bit of a pop. If you can just add a little pop, a little more bit more contrast, a little bit more light into your pictures, they do better. Okay, that's my 20-second edit. Go start editing your pictures, make them pop, and convert more.

Become a Because I Can Clan Member and Change Your Life

If you want to become a Because I Can Clan official member and get a handwritten note and a t-shirt for rocking yourselves, watch the master class. Sign up for the 0-100k system. I only have it open at certain times, so hop on over, see if it's open, and join. A lot of people are changing their lives and I want you to change your financial life too.


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