Are You Making These 8 Instagram Reel Mistakes in Your Online Business?

From: How to Sell Online  with Alison J. Prince

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Are You Making These 8 Instagram Reel Mistakes in Your Online Business?

Every business owner makes mistakes; it’s part of the gig. Fortunately, however, some can be avoided—like the 8 Instagram reel mistakes Elise Darma shared with me during the third of a series of podcast interviews. 

As you read that paragraph, you might be thinking something along the lines of, “Hey Alison—how about I avoid the mistakes by not doing ANY Instagram reels.” 

Well, you could. 

But you shouldn’t. 

You really shouldn’t. 

(For real—go check out the first episode of my conversation with Elise, here.) 

The reality is that social media is a big part of how ecommerce businesses build brand awareness, or in other words, get seen by potential customers. 

It’s also an awesome way to show off new products or to create engagement between you and the people who are gonna buy from you. 

Elise has been working in social media for roughly…forever. And she’s the first to say that even SHE has made mistakes. 

But that’s also given her a humongous amount of insight—which she’s cool enough to share with me and with you. 

Top 10 Takeaways from Elise Darma

(if you look closely, it includes “hints” to the 8 SUPER common Instagram reel mistakes online shop owners make: 

  1. Create short-form videos
  2. Do what already worked again
  3. Do NOT film in the Instagram reels app
  4. Add text on the screen to make it easy for people to read (and stay in the boundaries) 
  5. Share something OTHER than trending videos
  6. Know what your audience wants (you learn by posting)
  7. Take the TikTok logo off
  8. Batch your work
  9. SAVE YOUR DRAFTS in your camera because apps can be glitchy
  10. Go follow Elise
Additional Resources

Elise Darma is an Instagram marketing educator who specializes in helping not-so-Insta-famous business people make REAL revenue directly from the free app in a way that is bearable and efficient. She’s helped over 20,000 people truly grow their businesses, sell more programs and build money-making brands.

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