Do These 2 Things for a Successful Online Product Launch

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Do These 2 Things for a Successful Online Product Launch

Having a successful online product launch takes more than just having a great product. I mean, I wish it could be as easy-peasy as just saying, “Okay! Come and get it!” and then having hundreds of people jump in and buy. But in all the years I’ve been selling online, that hasn’t happened. 

Maggie Jetty has learned that lesson, too, which is why she now follows the 5 x 5 product launch method I teach my students. She and her husband Michael have seen ginormous success in their business, Saintly Heart, and she joined me on the How to Sell Online podcast to talk about it. 

Where it began.

Saintly Heart began, like a lot of businesses we talk about on the How to Sell Online podcast, as a hobby. Maggie hand painted wooden toys for her children, and when people began to ask her if they could purchase from her. She began selling on Etsy, and the demand kept increasing. 

As a woman of faith, Maggie prayed for guidance about what she should do about this business. She was prompted to build her business further. But it wasn’t an easy path, as you’ll hear her explain on the podcast. She had experiences that were physically and emotionally grueling, including the loss of her mother. But she didn’t give up; instead, she dug in. 

Bingeing for the win.

Something Maggie shared with me was that right before she joined the 0-$100K System, she realized that she needed to invest in herself and her business. She’d tried selling a few products, but the results weren’t what she wanted. So she talked to Michael, and together they decided to give it a go in January of 2021, and Maggie wasted no time getting started. With a goal of earning back the cost of the program in a month, she binge-watched the program modules multiple times. 

But watching wasn’t the only thing Maggie did. She put what she learned into practice, and by the end of that first month she’d already hit her sales goals thanks to a successful online product launch of their now-popular Pray and Play ABC Puzzle. There was no looking back. 

Planning a successful online product launch.

The launch of the Pray and Play ABC Puzzle in 2021 convinced Maggie that any toy they would launch in the future needed to follow the 5 x 5 product launch method. We discuss two of five during this podcast episode. 

The first one we talk about is building up anticipation (aka a “buzz.”)  Sacred Heart is on a variety of social media platforms, and the one Maggie focuses on is Instagram. She lets her followers know that new products are coming and does a really fun countdown method to get them excited. She also blows up their email list to promote the new product so that past customers and others who have signed up for her emails are on pins and needles, waiting for the new release. 

The “buzz” she creates is then followed by the actual online product launch—what we call “game day.” It’s kinda like when you go to a football game, they do the coin toss…and then there’s that first kickoff. The team is prepped, the crowd goes wild, and good things happen. 

You’ll definitely want to listen to the podcast episode to hear Maggie’s specific process. I promise, my friend, that you’ll learn some good stuff from her! 

The perfect partnership…and what’s happening next.

Neither Maggie nor her husband had business experience before launching their online store, but they each bring needed skills to their business. Maggie is a speech pathologist who helps children improve communication skills—and she creates the original art for Saintly Heart products. Michael is a graphic and web designer who takes those designs and puts them into digital formats needed for manufacturing. He also runs their website and handles a lot of the day-to-day business. The Jettys have built a phenomenal partnership, especially as they agree on infusing their faith into their business. 

They also agree on the next steps for their business, which is to scale Sacred Heart. The company has already entered the wholesale space in addition to their direct-to-consumer sales. They’re in retail stores across the United States, some in Canada, in the UK, and even in Australia. They’ve done it by getting scrappy, emailing potential stores that would be ideal for their product, and attending a well-known industry tradeshow.  

Top Takeaways

Getting to talk to Maggie about her business, her strategies for having a successful online product launch, and how she’s overcome difficulties on her way to achieving her goals completely made my day. Here are just 8 of my takeaways from our conversation; I’d love to hear yours: 

  1. Build anticipation with a countdown.
  2. It’s ok to sell out!
  3. If you have an audience, get feedback from them.
  4. Recognize your brilliance in marketing.
  5. Listen to the voices that guide you!
  6. Be where your feet are.
  7. Wholesale doesn’t have to be complicated.
  8. Know where your inspiration comes from.
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Maggie Jetty is a pediatric speech language pathologist living in Arizona. She and her husband Michael have 4 children and are the owners of Saintly Heart,  an educational Christian toy company. 

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