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How to Charge More for Your Products with Eileen Wilder

Are you ready for a headspace talk with Eileen Wilder that could totally change your business?!

Yea, I thought so…

Let me ask you this. Do you get scared by the thought of raising your prices while all your competitors seem to be in a race to the bottom on price? If you remember from episode 11, you’ll know that I’m against getting in this race, and instead, you should be trying to create the “concert experience” for your clients.

But there’s more to raising your prices than understanding the tactical side of it. A lot of it has to do with what’s going on inside your head. 

That’s why I brought on Eileen Wilder. She sells high-ticket products all day, every day. And, I’m not talking about a $100 product or even a $1,000 product. I’m talking  $20,000 – $30,000 products.

This is a conversation that I wish I could have heard earlier in my business journey and I know you’re going to get a ton of value from it.

Eileen Wilder

Eileen Wilder’s Start In The Online Business World

Like me, and maybe you, Eileen Wilder didn’t always have it figured out when it comes to online business. To use her words, “I was trying to figure out how to sell online products and I was broke as a joke”. While she was neck-deep trying to figure it out, her husband was even Uber driving to help support them.

Fast forward just 3 years later and Eileen is talking about 6-figure months and even a 6-figure day! And according to her, it all started happening when she got into the right frame of mind, kicked the overwhelm to the curb, and started focusing on premium products. 

For Eileen, someone used to living on a Pastor’s salary, the shift to selling premium products that brought in life-changing money was a wild ride. I can certainly relate to this. When I was bringing home a teacher’s salary, it was hard to imagine that it was even possible to make a full year’s salary in a month, week, or even a day.


Finding The Belief Within Yourself

Before getting into her high-ticket products, Eileen Wilder was actually selling a $27 course. It wasn’t until her coach challenged her to charge more, that she started going down the path of learning how to sell and how to charge more for products.

That coach got her to think about something that has also been so impactful for me. It’s the approach that increasing your prices is one of the best ways to serve your customers better. Now, I know this might sound a little backward to you. Eileen said she felt the same way and was scratching her head on this concept because it felt like something she was doing something to them. But then her coach dropped this bombshell to her. “People who pay, pay attention.” This statement really helped her get over the mental roadblocks that came with charging her client more.

The people who were buying her $27 product were hardly getting any results. When she repackaged that same product and started charging a lot more for it, then people started taking it much more seriously and the results followed. 

Think about how this might apply to your physical products. If you are selling a $10 pair of earrings, then the customer might get them in the mail and toss them in a drawer and wait for a time to wear them. But if they paid a premium for the earrings, they are going to be excited about getting them in the mail and scramble for the first opportunity to wear them and show them off. 


Eileen Wilder On How To Charge More

Who would actually pay that much?! If you are thinking about raising your price tag from $20 to, let’s say, $100, that might be the first thing that goes through your mind. Eileen Wilder shared that there are tons of people out there who pay for premium. They want the best of the best whenever they purchase. In fact, she said most people get a rush from buying expensive things. These people aren’t just walking into the BMW dealership and buying an expensive car. These same habits carry across all of their buying behaviors. These same people are shopping on Amazon, Etsy, and in your Shopify stores. Believing they are out there is the first step.

The next step is to increase the value you’re offering. You have to separate your product from the rest so that it can’t even be compared. You know this is what I call my “concert experience”. Eileen says this could be something extra you include in an ebook, free training on something related to the product, or anything that will have the buyer thinking “I need this”.

“There is an ocean of money being transacted every day, why don’t you just jump into it” – Eileen Wilder

The last step to charging more is overcoming imposter syndrome. Eileen says that there are people out there who need you. They need your products. You are the one that can solve their problems. Stepping up, having a voice, and giving the people an opportunity to buy a premium product is your duty and you need to own that responsibility and know that you are good enough to do it and they will be better off for it.


Eileen Wilder Shares The  Secret You Might Be Missing

“The name has to be super sexy.” That’s what Eileen Wilder says is missing when a lot of entrepreneurs try to charge more for their products. They try to bundle things together to create a higher perceived value as we talked about above, but they don’t make it an attractive offer. That bonus product, download, or extra you are adding on, needs to make people want to buy your product just to get that thing.

So your obvious next question is “how do I name my product so that people want to buy it?”. Eileen teaches that if you want to name your product well, you should include the result your client or customer wants in the name. This is exactly what I did with the $0-100k System – even though I didn’t realize that’s what I was doing. Guess I got lucky on that one. The result that someone wants needs to be clear in the title of the product. This applies if you are selling a physical product, digital product, or anything in-between.

We didn’t stop here you guys. We went deep into a lot more in this interview, including how to get someone, who has never heard of you, to buy your premium products, how you can use your organic Facebook posts to easily sell your products, how to use a “janky” video to get more people begging to buy what you have to offer.


Be sure to click that play button above to learn more about how you can start charging more for your products with this great episode featuring Eileen Wilder! 


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    Alison’s an inspiring mom and entreprenuer who has changed my life and given me the confidence to start my own business and to someday teach my children how to start their owns! My kids will have more options because of what I have learned from Alison! She explaines how she goes from selling trash to making millions in cash and gives you the insight on how you could potentially do it too! I am so glad I found Alison and her podcast and program! # becauseICan!

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    Simply Amazing!

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    I stumbled upon Alison’s podcast about a month ago. I told myself that if I listened to every podcast and was still interested, I would sign up for the 0-100k class. Well, I binge listened to all 49 episodes; several I listened to twice. These podcasts are FULL of real information and inspiration! Guess it’s time to take the next step!

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    Is the day you HAVE to start listening to this podcast! If you are starting a new business and feeling lost or just need some extra tips & advice. THIS IS IT!

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    Alison is one of the few people that inspired to know that I CAN do thing by my own and with hard work and determination I CAN dream the life that I want. My sister (Lidia Y. ) talked to me so much about the program, curse and Alison and her team made a great impact in her life as entrepreneur. Now I want to take the same path and reach my potencial as entrepreneur as well and enjoy this new because I can adventure! 🙂

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    I cannot even stop listening to these podcasts! The information Alison has to share is life changing. The best part is that you can tell how passionate and excited she is to share her skills and talents! She is so motivating! I listen to this while I wait for my Walmart pickup, while I cook dinner, and when I walk around my neighborhood. LISTEN AND LEARN PEOPLE! Because we can!!

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    I absolutely LOVE listening to Alison!! She is so genuine and so encouraging I seriously get so much motivation every...single...episode! Whatever your entrepreneurial goals are definitely add these podcasts to your playlist and let Alison help inspire you too! ❤️❤️

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    Alison has such a great podcasts. Listened to the one regarding 20k sales of one item. I love hearing these because she gives us practical steps. Thank you Alison.

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    by LovelyLittleAcorns from Canada

    I’ve listened to every one of Alison’s podcasts (and repeated quite a few). I love that they focus on starting and growing product-based e-commerce businesses without any smarmy gimmicks or get-rich-quick schemes. The interviews with entrepreneurs rocking it are so inspiring. Thanks for showing up and giving me something new to listen to while I fill orders each Tuesday!

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    by help would be nice! from Canada

    Absolutely incredible podcast. Thank you ladies for being real, clear and motivating. So empowering. A true testimonial to “Because I Can!”

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    Yup! Alison is scary...not in a bad way though. Its all in a good way. Why? Well, first of, I think Alison is not only an e-commerce expert but also has a psychic ability. I am only on the fifth episode of her podcast, and listening to it made me think like, “how does she know what I’m thinking?” All the fears and self doubts and negativity. She talks about life experiences that are relatable. Somehow whenever I listen to her, she connects with me like as if she was talking to me. I just love her and really blessed to have found her and be part of her clan. Thank you Alison!

  • Inspiring & Amazing
    by DoohikeyDesigns from United States

    Alison is the real deal! She’s real as she inspires you to reach your best life. She gives you glimpses into how she has made multi dollar million businesses. Alison was called to serve others to help others reach the dreams we have always wanted to achieve. She inspires to help us Rise Up to what God wants us to become! It just keeps getting better and better! Wow! Today’s episode in February is amazing! Literally I sell wholesale and know what it takes. But now I’m wanting to really create more retail sales and I have since being in your program! Loved the episode that you did of Puerto Rico and why you moved. I loved how you testified of how God works in our lives and if we trust him we can do anything. Thanks for being a light and a mentor to me. It just keeps getting better and better! Especially today about making offers! Sometimes we don’t always think of the little things it make offers daily to weekly. I know I can amp up my orders and I will be digging deep this week!

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    by MintBillyCat from United Kingdom

    I love this podcast so much-it is my favourite I’ve found among all the business podcasts. It’s targeted at women who are at home with kids or in a job dreaming of running their own business and making more money. Alison is really relatable, clear and supportive in her advice & delivery and there are tons of good nuggets here for any aspiring or active mumpreneur.

  • Inspirational
    by Greenwichound from United Kingdom

    Some of things that Alison discusses in her podcast are really simple. But sometimes you need it laid out in these terms for it to just go in. And go in it does. Meaning you leave each episode full of confidence and aspiration with a check list of to do’s or things to try out. She shares information bombs that others in her position would never share (fear of giving away their secret sauce) and every step of the way you feel like she’s championing your specific journey. She is golden and this show should be in the library of everyone thinking or currently doing Ecommerce. Keep it up Alison! X

  • Fantastic, just Fantastic
    by 2shopornot from United States

    I just went back and caught up on all the podcasts and can I just say I should’ve done this a long time ago! The content is so clear, Alison brings in guests that are so willing to share. Truly an amazing listen. If you haven’t joined Alisons group I strongly recommend that you not wait any longer! Your future is waiting!

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    by galithoc from United States

    Alison is very knowledgeable and presents information in a very easy way for newbies. My entire family listens to her every week. She has motivated my two daughters into starting their own business, they are 14 and 11!!!!. Thanks for this podcast, its amazing.

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    by AJM.44 from United States

    I find these podcasts useful, filled with good tips backed by her experience. She’s also very optimistic and makes me feel like I can do it! Which is why I want to get started! Ok Alison, this question is for you - I want to start selling online in an effort to fund my college education! Obviously I don’t have a lot of time, and more than that, I don’t know where to start lol! Do I create a Shopify store? Do I start selling on someone else’s site (and whose?!)? Do I do a ClickFunnel thing?!

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    So many helpful tips and positivity. Love listening!

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    I’m learning so much and I love your optimism. thank you!

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    If you want to make real money and get out of the rat race of working for someone else, follow Alison J Prince. You will learn SO much!

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    Alison is as smart as she is relatable. Every podcast episode is full of brilliant nuggets to help you along your entrepreneurial journey. With Alison on my team, I know I will find the courage to go for my big dreams!!

  • Beca Miller
    by Beca Miller from United States

    Alison is full of gold! I used to do all the work myself. The minute I took her advice and hired out, my sales started going up!

  • Life changing!
    by Future CEO MR from United States

    I bought your course last summer right in the middle of taking graduate courses to increase my salary lane as a teacher. No need to say that the increase in salary has not made any mayor changes. I always had the desire of doing an e-commerce business but did not know how to start. I still have not taken the time that I am supposed to dedicate to the course, however these podcasts had filled me with the courage I need to start doing it. Thank you Alison for your words of wisdom every Tuesday.

  • Awesome Podcast!!!
    by Clarisse Gomez from United States

    Alison, host of the Because I Can Life podcast, highlights all aspects of business, entrepreneurship and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!

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    by gigisomar from United States

    Allison, I really have so enjoyed your podcasts. Thank you for putting out all of this wonderful information.

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    by Missladyamy from United States

    Alison.. love having your podcast available to help me keep going. I can listen to it while I do my makeup in the morning and get ready. You inspire my day and give me hope. Thank you. I am already in e commerce but want to take a different route in this area and excited for the new ideas you provide. - Renee @beprosperity

  • Wow
    by M.Murawska from United States

    I have been Alison’s student for almost 2 years. I am still learning!!! This pot cast was a piece of information that I was missing! Let’s make $$$$ with influencers! Thank You Alison❤️

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    by Brandeerose from United States

    I’ve been a Alison fan for over a year! She gives so much great content and she over delivers ‘all the time’! I’ve been following her system and am a happy customer. Her 100k system is THE bomb! I’ve tried so many other courses and she’s the real dill. Lol. Thank you so much Alison for all you do. You’re truly a blessing. Instagram handle @threadsofarmor ❤️

  • Episode 15
    by -akoboe from United States

    Loved this episode and how broken down and step by step the details were. Question for you: How do you decide on a business name and shop for an e-commerce store if you don’t have a niche? Or do you only recommend opening a store for those who do? In the beginning, you sold a lot of random things that didn’t relate to each other, so did you use third party selling websites to sell or did you start your own store and how do you do that without a specific product or niche?

  • Excellent
    by B-Rex1 from United States

    Alison continues to offer great teaching moments with love and enthusiasm!!

    by twimoonlight from United States

    I love your passion and love for this business. I love that you have worked so hard to give us such an awesome mentor, business Opportunity guidance, tools, and a Facebook group that we all can draw from and count on. Thank You!!!

  • Amazing!
    by Lissy Eubank from United States

    Alison (and her course) is amazing!!! Listen, learn and apply! You won’t regret it!!

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    Alison knows her stuff!! I love listening to her!!

  • Episode 10 - LOVED IT!!!
    by drewtheclue from United States

    I have liked and learned a bunch from all of Alison’s episodes as well as from her YouTube channel and her courses. I really really enjoyed Episode 10 though - so many great quotables & gold nuggets were shared...I saved it and will take notes when I listen again!!!

  • Alison knows E-Commerce
    by Lwisdom69 from United States

    Seriously I wasn’t into podcast, Meh- But once I heard this “Because I can Life” with Alison J Prince, she’s Amazing in every way!!! She shows you what she is doing & walks you through her process. She is so transparent in every way. She shows us how to kick Fear in the teeth! She’s my go to momma bear!! I love this podcast- Your Truly, Lillian Wisdom

  • Alison knows her stuff! This works!
    by c_beckstrand from United States

    I have followed Alison’s journey for the past few years and never met anyone who is so willing to share what she knows to help others. There are so many golden nuggets from these podcasts that you can take and apply to your own business. She is the real deal!! Following her strategy, I now have a business of my own that is THRIVING because of the plan that she has laid out. She is changing lives!! Listen to this podcast- you won’t regret it!

  • Alison Is The Real Deal
    by awishandakiss from United States

    Have you ever watched fresh water pour out of a spring? That is what Alison is like. She shares and teaches so much good, over flowing with the very best! Love this podcast! Thank you Alison for wanting and giving the steps to success, for those that you teach. -Melinda L.

  • Truly An Inspiration!
    by Alohalovelife from United States

    Alison, I am LOVING your podcast!!! You are crushing it! You are such an inspiration! Thank you for stepping out there to share your story! You have helped me transform my mindset and my life! xoxo Michon

  • Awesome!
    by SACP12 from United States

    Love listening to Alison. She is inspiring and gets it. It’s making me move forward and giving confidence in doing so. Kick fear in the teeth.

  • Thank you!
    by Gkeith88 from United States

    Loving it all. Thank you for coming out from behind the scenes and sharing your real life. We all benefit from your knowledge and the joy you bring.

  • Alison knows what she is talking about
    by J0di8 from United States

    Alison gives such awesome advice on starting and growing a business even kids can do it! That's awesome!

  • Right to my soul.
    by LiviaLight from United States

    Alison is genuine, sincere, and has a passion and a fire that gets right to my heart. She has a great desire to help others and shares important content. Her energy and light can help you see possibilities for yourself that you never imagined. We are all humans on this journey of growth. Invite Alison to be part of your journey and you won’t regret it.

  • Don’t miss out!
    by P. Cram from United States

    This Is your chance to learn from one of the masters of e-commerce. Alison’s style of savvy business advice in an easy to understand and implement format will take your business to the next level! If you’ve ever thought about starting your own online business the first step is Alison’s program. Trust me, this is the road map to success you’ve been looking for!

  • Alison Prince is great!
    by Shanda2005 from United States

    Alison Prince gives great advice about how to run an online business. This is a great podcast. A must listen for entrepreneurs!

  • An entrepreneur who GETS IT!!!
    by AshleyJohnston from United States

    This girl just gets it. She understands doubt, she has lived hard days, she knows what it’s like to start from zero.....and then climb out of that crap. I think what I appreciate the most, is that she genuinely enjoys helping others find success. Truly a gift.

  • Motivating and Inspiring
    by Lisa fruit pop princess from United States

    Alison is great at motivating and inspiring! She has so much great info that she shares! You definitely need to listen to this if you've ever thought of becoming an entrepreneur!

  • Pushing forward with Alison
    by Gyetvaimom from United States

    What a great podcast with such great information on how to build my very own e-commerce business! Alison is relatable, knowledgeable, and very inspiring. I enjoy these episodes while driving my kids to their activities, while making dinner, or while getting ready. Listening to ALISON motivates me to push forward in my new business.

  • A dreamer/doers podcast heaven!
    by ReesieO from United States

    Alison is so upbeat, so knowledgeable, and so passionate about what she does! This podcast shows all of that! If you don’t know where to start - START HERE! The information is GOLD! You’re in the right place and this girl will give you wings! Seriously, even if you’re just having a down day - Alison will lift you up and help you believe in your dreams again!

  • Great Stuff!
    by AKP419 from United States

    My husband and I are part of Alison’s Clan and we are so excited to have all this extra great info in podcast form!

  • A must for all entrepreneurs
    by heidilynn82 from United States

    Love Alison’s Enthusiasm and passion for sharing her knowledge about all things business! It’s a must listen.

  • Love Alison
    by EricaWoodbury from United States

    I absolutely loooooove Alison and her emery is so contagious! ❤️

  • Hopeful:)
    by Polka. Lover from United States

    So far I’m really excited about this podcast....and hoping it doesn’t all lead to what so many other podcasts I’ve listened to have, which is “I’ll tell you just enough to get you excited and start to believe you can do it, but to really start to change your life it’s time to pay for the membership/course and if you can’t afford it that’s just an excuse”. I’ve become a bit of a pessimist in the self-improvement journey while trying so hard to get started but not having much cash to do so. I’m that mom stuck living credit card payment to credit card payment which doesn’t exactly leave money to get started. I’m hoping this podcast is what I’ve been searching for to guide me on how to finally get something going that will bring hope and real change for my future. I love Allison and I have faith that she’s who can help me change my life!♥️

  • LOVE HER!!!
    by IChooseYouCo from United States

    Alison is AWESOME! She knows her stuff and is so generous in giving and teaching others. I am so glad I found her to help me along this journey of e commerce.

  • Fab!
    by vbl<3 from United States

    I’m new to podcasts, but wow...what a fabulous cast! I’m a fan and will be continuing to listen!

  • So much help and valuable information!!
    by ealshfs from United States

    We love Alison!! She gives such valuable information on how to run your online business. Through this podcast she will help you, inspire you, and encourage you. Through following her course my husband and I have sold over 15K so far in one of our businesses and are headed towards the 10k mark with our second business. Thank you Alison!!

  • LOVE the heart and deep dive!
    by XefishX from United States

    Thank you so much for the useful information and VALUE in these episodes- I’m totally hooked!

  • Love Alison Prince
    by irsaguar from United States

    Thank you for this amazing podcast. I cannot get enough of Alison and her amazing knowledge of E commerce, marketing and selling online she is awesome!!!

  • Because I can!
    by shesgotdetermination from United States

    Alison is a great mentor! She has a great amount of enthusiasm and determination towards her businesses. She really tries to motivate the clanners and get us excited about our businesses. I’ve learned a lot from the FB group! There’s so much information there. Thank you everyone for supporting each other!

  • So worth listening to!
    by Orpheus Phunk from United States

    Alison KNOWS what she’s talking about. She teaches from the knowledge of having taken the steps herself, to launch and scale profitable businesses. This podcast inspires you to stop making excuses and get to work building your own business. I love it!

  • Inspiration
    by JLDiaz10x from United States

    Alison is such an inspiration! She’s a real life woman who you can relate to! Love listening to her!!

  • You Need to Listen to This!
    by Brookie Jane Boutique from United States

    Listen to the Because I Can Life podcast if you want to be successful. Alison shares the “secrets” of making your business work. By the end of episode two, I knew the approach I needed to take in my new business to help my products sell themselves. Thanks Alison!

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Read Full Transcript

Alison 0:00
Hey, this is Alison. Welcome to today's podcast episode. Alright, before we get started, just a little update, we are getting ready to head back to Utah for a couple months. Now, last episode, I talked about some of the real and the raw about living in Puerto Rico. So, after this episode, make sure you go back and you listen to that one as I dig into some of the things that we love, and some of the things that are absolutely driving us crazy. So, dive into that episode. But, today's episode, I brought in Eileen Wilder, because she sells high ticket items. Now, I know a lot of times we get scared to sell products, especially when we look at what other people are selling them for. And, it's almost like this race to the bottom, because you want to beat out the competitor. Right? Well, you know, I've talked a lot about not playing that game and how we can add what I call the "Concert Experience" so that we can increase our price. And, you've learned the tactical way of doing it, but I wanted to bring in Eileen Wilder because she sells high ticket items. Now, I'm not talking like 100, or even 1000s, but we're talking $14,000, $20,000, to $30,000 products, and she's going to talk to you about the headspace of charging more, and why you should absolutely charge more. And, it's actually a disservice if you end up selling your products for the cheapest out on the market. I know, I wish I would have had this headspace talk when I first got started. And that's why I'm bringing it to you today. Eileen Wilder does talk a lot about digital products, because that's the world she's in, but I want you to listen, because the sales belief is the same no matter if you're selling a physical product, or a digital product. Now, she talks about something that blew my mind, about the importance of naming your product, so make sure you listen to that part really closely. You may even want to rewind it three times, because she shares the secret of what to call your items. Now, think about how you can do this with your product. My mind has absolutely been spinning with all sorts of ideas on how I can start testing this out with my pillow company. Alright, my friend. Get ready. We're kicking it off with Eileen Wilder, the high ticket sells extraordinaire coming to your earbuds, your headphones right now.

Intro 2:48
Hey, you are listening to the Because I Can Life Podcast, where we believe we can decide our own income, choose happiness, kick fear in the teeth and never ever stop. Why? Because we can. I'm your host, Alison J. Prince and I went from being a junior high science teacher to building four online, multi-million dollar businesses, with four kids at my feet. Each week, I'm bringing you real conversations that have led me as well as other experts to step into our dream online business lifestyle so that you can get the answers you need to craft your because I can as well take that first step and commit now to your Because I Can Life by downloading your free personal bundle at

Alison 3:33
Alright. Eileen, tell us a little bit about your background. Where you started. I know your story, but I need everybody else to experience your story.

Eileen Wilder 3:43
Yes, Alison. Well, thank you so much for having me. I'm so pumped. I love your tribe so much. I mean, I'm like, Because I Can. I'm like... around my house. You know, where I started, Alison, was actually we were trying to sell online products on the internet, but I was broke as a joke. In fact, my husband was Uber driving to support us, just so I could try to figure out online marketing, but I was getting so overwhelmed, and looking at all of these people crushing it. I'd go to events, I'd go to conferences. I'd just be scrolling on Instagram, and I would start to just feel like, "I'm never going to be able to figure this out." And, that was until I figured out how to start selling premium products. And once I started figuring out how to charge more, and get over some of the money hurdles I had in my mind, it was only then that we started having like a six figure month even, and then... even though I can't even believe this, but one week we did six figures, and then a month or two later, we did six figures in a day. And those numbers I didn't even think were humanly possible. If you had told me maybe five years ago, people even make multi six figures, you know, something like that, I would have thought you were crazy because I came from a ministry background. I was actually on a pastor's salary, so I didn't even know that this world, this potential, for things like what you teach, I didn't even know that was even remotely humanly possible in this lifetime.

Alison 5:12
I remember having those same thoughts. I was just excited to make my goals $200 a day. That was it.

Eileen Wilder 5:19
Yeah. Please, Lord. Exactly. Exactly.

Alison 5:24
So how many years ago was that?

Eileen Wilder 5:26
Huh? So that was exactly three years ago. It was when I first went to a conference called funnel hacking live as I was when I got introduced to people like yourself watching you speak on stage hearing about people that were just crushing it and I was basically kind of like, you know, going through the the wardrobe in The Chronicles of Narnia. I was like, whatever this magical place is, I want in whatever these people are selling. I'm gonna buy it. You know? I'll take I always Yeah, exactly. I was floored. Really because We had been struggling so long on pastor salary. So I just was so excited to hear about what you guys were doing.

Alison 6:07
Okay. So there's a specific reason that I wanted to bring you on. And that is what you just said. So it's the belief that you can actually do it. Because when I first started, and I was looking at these companies making a million dollars, I was like, no way. There's no way I could do that. And then when I started, put my first product out there, I was so scared to charge people money, because I felt like I was taking from them. Right. And so I was always in the beginning, it was always about a race to the bottom. Now, I've learned it's a whole different story. But I want you to explain how you go from feeling like you're taking people's money. Yeah, to being able to be comfortable charging that premium price because I'm right there with you don't it's not the race to the bottom, it right providing the most value and how you can make that happen in your brain. The thing? Yes, true.

Eileen Wilder 7:03
100% and I couldn't agree more. And one there really a couple big shifts that my mind started working on because I was selling a $27 course. Okay? And someone challenged me to increase my pricing. And I was like, Yo, dude, there is no way people will spend more than $27 on this thing, but he just challenged me. And he started explaining a couple of things that for me to think about it differently. And one of the things that this coach shared with me is that increasing your price is one of the best ways that you can actually serve your customer.

And I was like, that's okay. I do not because I felt like that maybe you listening feel like you kind of you don't want to do that to them. Sometimes you feel like selling is like you're doing something to them. But he was trying to explain to me that no, I lean people who pay, pay attention. So actually the more money that you charge a customer or client, somebody shopping on your store buying your services, the more invested in actually the better customer experience they will have because they just paid you more money. So simply by the transaction being higher, the client experience is completely different. So in their mind, they actually feel like they have just invested in something five star and something VIP in something first class. So their perception of you and what they just got is like completely different than if they bought something low ticket.

Alison 8:36
Great. I love that you're saying this. Okay. So how do you work through the process of Okay, if I let's talk eCommerce, let's say we have a product for $20. Right? And we want to get it up to the hundred dollar mark. Yep. How do I block those thoughts of Alright, if I sell it for 100 nobody's going to buy it. Why would you buy it? I have to because my competition The so called competition out there, right? For $20? How would I even get it to $40, $60, $100?

Eileen Wilder 9:07
Yes, it will. So two big things. Number one is you have to understand that there are thousands if not millions of high ticket buyers out in the world, you have to understand sometimes there's this core belief that we just think they don't exist, or where do these magical creatures who spend lots of money where do these people live? You know, so we just don't think that they exist. So very, the very primary foundational belief is you have to believe that there are thousands if not millions of high ticket clients and buyers out there. Let me just give you encouragement to think about this. We actually have a whole TV channel called QVC dedicated to people just buying hundreds of dollars worth of products like people love to buy. People love to buy, there's a dopamine hit that goes off in the mind, people and they love to buy expensive things. And so you have to know About high ticket clients as they actually get it, they actually get high, they get a joy off purchasing expensive things, fine jewelry, art, planes, boats, like there are so many people out there and these people are also on Shopify, Etsy, Amazon, they love purchasing the best. So one of the things is believing that they're out there. Number two, increase the value of what you're offering. You know, you've talked about like creating a concert experiencing bundling things inside their ebooks, you know, you should be very inexpensive ways. So separate your product, so that it cannot be compared to the cheapest thing out there by far. And one of the best ways to do that is to put some kind of like expert training in there something that would really signify to the buyers mind. I gotta have this. So those are the two things number one there they are out there, there's that they heard a coach say that there's an ocean of money being transacted Every day out there, why don't you just jump into it?

Alison 11:03
I love that. I love that analogy. Yes, jump in that water. Yeah, exactly. The money. Yeah, totally. Oh, now you've talked about people they want to buy from you to increase the order right through, give them more k. Now let's talk about the imposter syndrome. So you've got a product out there, you start value stacking it, adding that concert experience to it. Yeah, put it out into the world. And then the thoughts start to creep in. You're an imposter that the products not good that there's no value that you're taking people's money. How do you not?

Eileen Wilder 11:40
Okay, so, the number one thing I and you guys have heard that I come from this faith-based background. So this is I'm going to I'm actually going to give a scripture here. But this actually really helped me a lot because something Jesus said, he said that My sheep hear My voice, and they come and they follow Me. So what that helped me understand is unless I get my My thing out there, unless I get it out in the way that I do it in the messaging that I do it in my personality, you know, I love how you do the Laffy Taffy inserted, like, unless I do it the way that I'm gonna do it, my people can't find me. And if I don't speak up and share my voice and share my story, like, share what I'm about my mission, my vision, my people can't come and buy from me. So I started seeing that I'm actually robbing the world and I'm robbing my clients by going to that race to the bottom by not even serving them by charging a higher price by not figuring out how can I make this a world class experience when somebody buys from me? So number one is just recognizing there are people out there who are assigned to your voice and your message your store like there think about there are people out there like they're like sleeping, you know, the fall asleep, and I'm going, how do I figure this out? or

How can I solve this problem? I wish I could just get rid of this pain, and you've got the answer. And so those people need You and that's when they'll come and follow you. So don't be afraid of charging that higher price because as soon as you do and as soon as you pack up your amazingness, they'll come. So that helped me number one is recognize I'm not in competition with anyone. I'm not in competition with this store that store, like there are people there, are clients assigned to me and there are clients assigned to you. So that really helped me overcome imposter syndrome. I don't know if that helps or resonates with you,

Alison 13:27
Hopefully, another great analogy, because it is hard out there. And sometimes whether it's earrings, whether it's digital products, whatever it is, our products can help solve problems like earrings consult problems just as much as education can solve problems. And I love that the voice and hearing and people will come to you because you're helping them out. Yeah, that was spot on. Spot on. Wait. Yeah, so now we've overcome the imposter syndrome. Well not overcome it. Do you feel like you're conscious? Finding that.

Eileen Wilder 14:02
Yeah, I mean, in real talk, definitely. I feel like I think that's a daily battle for those of us who care for those of us who really are concerned are thinking about our clients and wanting to deliver, you don't feel imposter syndrome, if you like, don't care about your customers like you only feel like that because we're heart-centered entrepreneurs we're all in. This isn't just about products and stores and Shopify and Amazon. Like this isn't just about that this is about a bigger mission for us. So I think the imposter syndrome is a bit of a symptom of us caring. So the ways I find that actually is like a reframe. I just remind myself like, oh, like the reason why you feel like this or you feel like you don't have what it takes today is simply because you're doing the best you can. You want to serve at your highest capacity. This is just you caring.

Alison 14:51
So have you ever thought if I don't have imposter syndrome, that I'm probably doing the wrong thing.

Eileen Wilder 14:57
I've never gone I never go that far. But yeah, but I think you know, I think it would you stay in the pocket of feeling like, you know, I'm doing the absolute best I can I feel like keeps you in that lane of confidence of like, I can't be Allison, like, I can't be Susie, I can't be I can't be Lauren, I can't be these people, but I can show up the best that I can serve the people that God's called for me to reach. And so I feel like you stay in that lane and you silence I actually feel like the voice weakens of imposter syndrome significantly.

Alison 15:30
Okay, that's great. I always find that it gets stronger and more people that I'm going to impact. So about this launch in the very next physical, digital, whatever, I feel like that. Monster syndrome crushes me more when I'm reaching a bigger audience when I'm changing more people's lives.

Eileen Wilder 15:49
Yeah, I 100% could not agree with that more. And I think the resistance gets the strongest right before you're going to have a breakthrough.

Alison 15:59

Eileen Wilder 16:00
Yeah, so it's really a game of like, how long can you last through resistance?

Alison 16:06

Eileen Wilder 16:07
That but and I'm sure those of you who are listening like they're usually the big obstacle, lots of challenges, things aren't working right, you know, right before you're about to have like your next big idea. Your next enormous breakthrough your million dollar funnel is on the other side.

Alison 16:24
Okay? Do you have a support system? People that you can go talk to who understand it? Or do you do this on your own?

Eileen Wilder 16:33
No, I 100% have a support system. I have like weekly meetings with accountability partners. Thank God I have an incredible family that supports me incredible friends, but belonging to a tribe and importantly I would express maybe getting vulnerable to the tribe going like hey, I'm really struggling with this in the because I can clan like in the Facebook group. Just vote like because, you know, people feel great helping other people. So when you're actually when you voice like, I'm really struggling With this right now people love to help you. So I can't Yeah, support, I would definitely not be able to be where I am without support.

Alison 17:08
Agreed, like, no one should ever go through business on top. Oh, my God. And if they don't have the family, there are groups out there. Yes, journey. Too noisy out there. And no thing knows how to get into your head. So that, you know, yeah, it's out there.

Eileen Wilder 17:23
Yep. And I would say to Allison that, you know, having accountability and a strong group like what your tribe has, it causes you to accelerate exponentially 100%. So, if you're not like in the Facebook group, if you're not engaging, if you're not making relationships inside the group, I would 100% encourage you because you will, you will go 10 times faster if you get around people who are ahead of you.

Alison 17:46
Yes. Totally agree. Okay. So now, we've talked a lot about the psychology of it, right? Will you talk about some of the specifics of it, you go out and you sell a program. That's More. I think it was maybe triple my first car when I got married. So when you go out there and you're asking people for a high-end price, we're talking thousands of dollars. Right? Right. What are the specific strategies, the tactical stuff that you do to be able to let them know of the value of the product that you're about to do? Yes, you can go order stacker, add the concert experience but give us a few more tactical things.

Eileen Wilder 18:35
Good. One of the things I see where people miss it is particularly dealing with the naming of the things that are inside their concert experience. So in order to crush it out there, one of the super secret things that all the people who are like doing millions and millions what they have nailed is the actual like names of the things inside their concert experience inside their bonuses. That They're adding to their stack or their offer. So you want to name something. This is what I say to my clients, it has got to be super sexy. Like, there's no way about it like it has to hit the brain and somebody has to go, oh my gosh, I want that. So then the question is, alright, well, how do I name something super sexy? Or how do I know if How do I know if I've got the sex or not like I don't know. So what you've got to do is you've got to like test your name with other people. A big key is naming it something that would be the result of what the client is looking for. Okay? You could name things like one day one day or one day cash machine or find the love of your life like you could do a kit or a bundle, you know, that's naming the result of like, find your mate in five days or less. By reading these three ebooks, you know what I mean? So you want to name the exact result that people are looking for. A great hack that I use and teach my clients is actually go on the Amazon bestseller list, scour those bestseller lists because those have been proven titles that are often short, you can look at the main title, the subtitle, or the table of contents, and find things that just jump out at you. They have to paint a bright, beautiful picture of the client's future. So everything you put in your concert experience, if you can name it something super sexy 100% you'll crush it.

Alison 20:23
Okay, I'm going to rephrase that or just state that again, because that is brilliant. You name it. The result of what your client wants. Yes. Yeah. Okay, so yeah. So throw out a couple more examples. You said one k in a day.

Eileen Wilder 20:41
Okay, good. Let me crowned with purpose. It's somebody who's like wanting to find their purpose or their passion, passion for profit,

Alison 20:49
because this okay is I've never heard this before.

Oh, really good. Okay, I'm scrolling made

me glad I named my core zero to 100 K.

Okay. Yeah, You crushed it. Yeah. Here's some.

Eileen Wilder 21:02
Here's some more great examples, Allison 02 hundred K system like you named or something the exact result that a client would want. That's exactly what people want. So you like nailed it with the name. One of my clients named her concert experience, how to have better sex. Now, I know that's a little graphic. And you know, she's a minister, actually, she's just helping marriages out there. But you think about that, like if somebody is that's their problem. They're 100% going to purchase your product if that is the name of a bonus that you're adding. And how many people want to Google that,

Alison 21:38
huh? No one was coming from a trusted source. Right? Yeah, buying it. Yeah. Right.

Eileen Wilder 21:46
No, it's incredible and it's gotten it has really helped a lot of marriages. But if you think about it, like how to crush social media, how to create a brand, how to sell soap, spiritual coaching, like how to have blogs, Buster lighting, you know, you can just think about whatever it is you're selling and you teach this so well but what amended products would complement someone looking for your specific item in that store. And to just help you guys and information type product like a quick start video, something like that people love to purchase information products. You know, I think that so those of you guys are listening, it's projected to be like a 350 billion dollar market people are love to buy information. So if you can put some kind of training that nails a result that people want, they will buy from you.

Alison 22:38
Absolutely. Now with the digital thing. So ecommerce I love ecommerce because it gets people in easier and they can make quicker sales without having to have that experience or years of testimonials, right. But I want to take what you said about the education part, because this is part of getting that higher concert experience. So let's Someone is coming in with a tray, a home decor tray. What type of videos would you recommend to add an educational piece to that sales tray or to that tree? Good? Well, so you can

Eileen Wilder 23:12
go a couple different ways. If you've got an expertise, the talent in that area, I would go ahead and film a quick video of how to redesign your living room in less than 20 minutes, something like that, that somebody would naturally be interested in. Now, if you don't feel like you can crush it with a talent or skill, I take the curated approach. This is about assembling other experts, a curated list. Now this can go a lot of ways. But you can go the top five online resources of virtual interior designers that you can get for less than $100. So I provided this bonus for you. So you don't have to spend five hours scouring the internet and getting lost in confusion and Pinterest. You can just go ahead and purchase this thing. I'll send you the virtual interior designer list free. So that's all good. Yes, you can crush it if you've got the talent or curated thing, but just understand people love to pay for speed. You can teach a great if not find somebody else that can teach it on float all up, deliver it with your thing.

Alison 24:12
So I've had some people say, Allison, why would they buy this from me? It's already out there. And I always say, you know what, you can go learn Spanish online for free. Or you can learn quickly through Rosetta Stone. I know so many people that are in Rosetta Stone, because they want results faster and they don't want to waste so much time trying to do this or trying that and then eventually they get it. But it's like three, four years down the road.

Eileen Wilder 24:40
Yeah. People love to pay for the shortcut. You ever think about there's this thing called clear at some airports where you can just go to the front of the line and bypass parts of security. There are other things like that and different airports but there are so many people who understand that time is infinitely more valuable than money. They would happily pay for your shortcuts. And I think the thing else is that we don't realize that sometimes we're so close to our superpower. We don't think it's that super. So

Alison 25:10
yep, very much so. So we don't

Eileen Wilder 25:12
think like this. Those of you guys who are listening like, don't you think like, everybody knows us information, or like, everybody knows how to redesign your living room, you know, but I've got my hand raised. I don't know how to redesign my living room. Every one of you guys listening has a talent and a skill that somebody else will gladly pay you handsomely for. Mm hmm.

Alison 25:33
Yep. I love it. Okay, so, now, let's talk about, you've got, you've got your product, let's say the front end is a notebook. Okay. Then you've got a video that explains how the notebook can work. So how do you go out there and get your people a cold audience who's never heard about you? supersite to buy your product. supersite

Eileen Wilder 25:57
Yeah, well understand that the real Key is if you can nail that video in again talking about that end result. Like once you get this journal and these time-saving strategies, can you just imagine the amount of time you're going to have just chilling with the kids your feet up? You know, your days planned for tomorrow, you're feeling amazing about what you've accomplished that day. So you're using your language to paint the bright, beautiful future, right? So nail it there in the messaging. The next thing is, how do you get people to buy it? Well understand, just again, there are so many high ticket clients out there, we use three specific strategies and one simply, really, email so we use email. If you're not building your email list, I really highly encourage you to do so because 66% of purchasing decisions happen off of email.

Alison 26:49
I'm so glad you said that because I want to kind of shake people softly. If they're not using email, go email. Oh, even over social media. Yeah, even if it's one One or the other, choose email,

Eileen Wilder 27:02
choose email. And what's great is your list doesn't have to be super big. So we've had people that have actually made five figures off of an email list of less than 100 people. So it's not the amount of people it's really the quality of people are these are people that are in that type of situation, that type of pain that want your solution so that always think about quality over quantity. So email, and a great if you're just kind of getting started. I use MailChimp at first you may there are some great client like cheaper alternatives out there. You don't have to buy some expensive package, but you do you want to focus on email simply because of the ratio of purchasers. Now, another strategy that my clients have used is simply organic Facebook posts. I'm sure you crush it in teaching this but people with less than two Facebook posts on their personal profile have done thousands of dollars.

Alison 27:54
So I love hearing stories, more testimonials about that. Yeah. It's not about the numbers.

Eileen Wilder 28:01
No, it's really I would say about taking fast, imperfect action. So if you're thinking and you maybe you're getting some ideas right now, I would give yourself like a fast approaching deadline, like, Hey, can I create this quickstart video? Or can I create this? This week or in the next couple days? Some people will even put out their Facebook post without the product even created yet. But the great news is, is people love to buy so people will pay you. I mean, it seems crazy, right? But it's just the way our minds work. If we hear someone's got the result, we are happy to pay. Give them all our money. Mm hmm.

Alison 28:37
Yeah. Because pain we move with pain, right? Yeah. We don't want to be in pain. Right. I need it solved. That Problem solved. Okay, so now can I go ahead?

Eileen Wilder 28:46
Well, one of the strategies that's working great for my clients is have them making a janky video.

Alison 28:55
Yay. Hey, nothing follows give us give us Genki videos. The

Eileen Wilder 29:00
What I'll have them do is I'll have them write down like five really cool kind of super sexy things that their new bonus will help somebody with. I had them take their little like camera, video camera, little smartphone, film it right in front of the window, simply them being excited talking about their thing that people are going to get really easy. Less than two or three minutes. Not great audio. In fact, not incredible lighting, super janky almost a janky I'm seeing is the best is the best. And people will send this video out on Facebook, just a Facebook post like hey, if anybody's interested in this thing, just drop a comment below or DM me happy to send you more details. The janky video I know that sounds crazy because people it doesn't seem logical, but my clients will do no less than five figures off of this janky video, like the first couple weeks that they send it out. So that strategy works great Then they'll also will start running small Facebook ads to the janky video and it's converting like crazy pants.

Alison 30:07
You know I am a big believer in not perfect things because it's hard to believe when you're looking at someone when something super edited and it's just hard to believe it's real, right? I've gone on and on Facebook Lives with bedhead with no makeup. I got kids half naked in the background, like streaking through like Facebook Live, right? I mean, they're totally modest, but they're not. They're just like chaos. People love to see real people.

Eileen Wilder 30:37

Alison 30:37
they want to believe and know that. It's not super edited. I think we're, we're so tired about it. Yeah, we're so tired of feeling like we just got the wool pulled over eyes of perfection because we know we're not there anymore. Wow. So give us real give us unedited, though. Good. Give us bedhead.

Eileen Wilder 30:59
Yeah This is one of the reasons I love you is because yeah, you're just like 100% you're like, you don't hide anything. It's like who you are is who you are. Like, and we've hung out like off camera and all things like it's just fun. And that's what I think that's one of the reasons why your tribe loves you. I love you. Everybody loves you is because just like, this is 100% real. What you see is what you're getting.

Alison 31:19
Yeah, so we're doing I don't know how to have to I don't have enough time to live nowadays.

Eileen Wilder 31:28
Not enough motional bandwidth. We can't we can't handle an alternative identity.

Alison 31:33
I got teenage girls, right. Little boys. Husband a dog. Good, crazy. Good thing. She's a cat. Like Life is full of drama, right? Just be yourself. Yeah. And people love it. People love it. Okay, now you have a son who's an entrepreneur. Yeah.

Eileen Wilder 31:50
Oh, man. Yeah, yeah, yeah. So Harry, he just turned 11 and he is crazy. You guys like he loves online business. I don't think I did it to him. Something Just inside of him, he wakes up like dreaming of new products, new courses, new offers. Like, yeah, he would fit in very well with your tribe. And I know Michaela, you know, but yeah, he just launched his first funnel and did amazing and he's super excited about it.

Alison 32:17
As one mama who's watched her daughter's succeed, it's been so fun watching him. Yeah, Melis. Yeah, so fun. Yeah. So we're about out of time. Where can people find you? Where can they find out more about or even now like, I would love you said exactly what you're selling now. And then where people can find you.

Eileen Wilder 32:38
Yeah, hundred percent. Well, I actually would love to give your tribe a huge discount on 50% off of Oh, I don't know if you want me to say that on the podcast. Yeah. But I I have a product called the money mind flood system that I would love. Love. Yeah, money mindful system. Because I struggled so much with some of these beliefs. just believing That I could do it and believing that I could command higher prices. So if you struggle with things like that and you're listening, I would love to give you a crazy cool discount of 50% off this it's super inexpensive the normal price I think is $97 but I'd love to give you guys 50% off that if that could help you guys just kind of go quicker because it took me a long a long time to figure out how to charge higher prices and how to believe that there were people out there who'd buy my thing. So this program kind of automatically renews your mind to do that. Okay, where can they find it? You go to free sales so it's free sales script calm and in there is also my closing script that I use to close my high ticket clients and inside there will give you a coupon code and you can grab the money mind blood system 50% off

Alison 33:49
okay, so they can find the coupon code on the page yet on the page. Yep. Okay, perfect. And then Instagram. Oh, yeah. What's my Instagram was

Eileen Wilder 33:56
like, Oh, do I have something for Instagram? You can find On Instagram at Eileen Wilder wild, it's Ei, l e n wi LD.

Alison 34:06
Awesome. Kay, I really Okay, first off, thanks for the discount. Oh, that's awesome. Yeah. Thank you for sharing your expertise. I've watched you. we've hung out for what I think two years now. Yeah. And Ben at different conferences together. And we've just both seen each other grow. Yeah, from where we are now. And I really, really appreciate you coming on and just letting it all out. Like I am so excited to go back and start just writing titles of things of results the clients want.

Eileen Wilder 34:36
That's simple. Yeah, that's simple tweak. Y'all make you so much money. Yeah. So well, thank you so much for having me. It's been so much fun. All right. I'll talk to you later. Okay. Bye.

Outro 34:52
Hey. Thanks so much for listening to this episode Because I Can Podcast. If you've ever been interested in starting your own online business, let me show you the three secrets to planning, launching, and growing your online store even if you don't know what to sell. All you have to do is head over to That's where you can sign up for my free class. I'll go over why having a shark tank idea will make you fell. The little known trick that helped me to sell over $1.1 million in pillowcases with zero following. And, the secret to running a business when my kids took a nap. And if you were like I was, you just wanted to earn some extra money for your growing family, that's exactly why I created this system, and it has helped thousands of people make their first dollar online, and countless others to go and make their first 1,000, 10,000, 100,000, and even crossing the million dollar mark. So, go over to to grab your seat for the next class to find out how you can be the next one. Until next time, we'll see you later.




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