From $300 in the Bank to Going Viral on TikTok for Handmade Products She Sells Online

From: How to Sell Online  with Alison J. Prince

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From $300 in the Bank to Going Viral on TikTok for Handmade Products She Sells Online

Imagine going viral on TikTok—and doing it thanks to handmade products you sell in your online store. Pretty awesome, right? 

And it's even better when it happens to someone as kind and talented as Tien Nguyen. 

Tien had actually started selling on Etsy before she and I connected. But she’d done her research, including listening to my podcast and tuning in for the Tuesday Lives I used to do on Facebook. 

You know what I really love? She wasn’t afraid to ask questions during those Lives AND she would implement the tips I shared.  That kind of gives me goose pimples. 

And then, THEN Tien hit a crossroad. She knew that in order to grow and meet her goals quickly, she needed to invest in additional training. So with only $300 in her bank account—and without even telling her hubby—she signed up for my course

That led her to focus on the kind of items she loved but had been a teensiest bit afraid of selling. Specifically, blankets that she hand knitted herself—and that she sold at a premium price. 

In less than ONE YEAR, Tien hit six figures! 

Since that first year, she created these gorgeous blankets and throws, she starting posting on TikTok. People loved the content sooooo much that they started going absolutely, wildly viral. She had posts that grabbed the eyeballs of over 700,000 people. Another caused 1.6 MILLION people to stop scrolling and start ordering.

She has now sold and shipped more than 1000 pieces! Read that again, for the love of heaven! A THOUSAND pieces she created herself. 

Wild, right?  And by the way, Tien was running her business, making videos, and knitting her blankets all while being the mom to a beautiful toddler. 

As you listen to Tien tell her story, I want you to let it sink in that going viral on TikTok for handmade products is possible. It’s possible for Tien and it’s possible for you. 

Okay, go listen. Take down notes and start to follow in Tien's footsteps by soaking in as much information as possible about how to start, promote and grow your own eCommerce store and then go implement what you learn!

To get you started, here are my Top 10 Takeaways from my conversation with Tien:

  1. Don’t send blankets or [insert your product here]; send a hug. In other words, sell the vision
  2. Go for quality
  3. Do the small things in your business before you jump to the end
  4. Focus on storytelling daily
  5. Tell what makes your product better
  6. Reuse content
  7. Do short video clips (6-8 seconds) in between longer ones
  8. Stop the scroll—have a hook
  9. Get your people/followers to comment
  10. Stop overthinking
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