How to (Re)Build an Online Business from Scratch in Just 30 Days

From: How to Sell Online  with Alison J. Prince

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How to (Re)Build an Online Business from Scratch in Just 30 Days

A few years ago, Clickfunnels’ founder Russell Brunson posed a big question to a group of online entrepreneurs.  Suppose, he suggested, each of you lost your businesses. What would you do to rebuild an online business in just 30 days?  Step by step by step.

I pondered that question for a long time. How would I rebuild an online business? 

After all, I’d had nearly a decade of experience by then. 

What would I do the same as I had the first time? What—if anything—would I do differently? 

I finally submitted my answer, which he included in one of his books. 

Recently I had the exact same question posed to me. This time by a member of my own team. The cushion I’d built gone. My businesses gone. Just me and my knowledge to start over and build everything again. 

Would I do the same things? What would I change? Would I start the same kind of business? And there definitely were some things that I decided I would change, if I were to rebuild an online business. 

It’s just one of the many things that we talked about on the How to Sell Online podcast, when I stopped being the interviewee and took a turn in the guest chair. The interviewer, Julie, and I get to chat about mindset, bringing in the right people to help us, and how sometimes we need to say “no” and other times we need to stretch in our business. 

Here are a Few Takeaways

  1. When you are starting out, don’t waste time inventing something new.
  2. You choose fear or you can choose to move forward.
  3. Hire a customer service person. 
  4. Don’t be involved in every little detail. 
  5. Resistance builds strength.
  6. Bad things will happen. Learn from them.
  7. There is plenty of room for you.
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