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Life as an Entrepreneur in 2021: Be Kind, Rewind

Okay, big topic, short blog—and it’s all about my life as an entrepreneur in 2021. 

Here are a few spoiler alerts: 

  1. Some things did NOT go as planned (like bathroom remodels) 
  2. I learned that sitting still is hard, putting together a fantastic team is awesome, and mushrooms (not the magic kind) can be incredibly helpful for my brain. 
  3. When you’re having a hard time doing something that’s always worked, go back to the beginning. It’s amazing what you can discover. 

That really is the life of an entrepreneur—or at least, my life as one. 

[Image: be kind, rewind]

More About Life as an Entrepreneur

Now, you’re probably wondering about the oh-so-intriguing reference to “Be Kind, Rewind” that’s part of the blog title today.

Here’s the thing: 

When I looked back at 2021, I saw a whole bunch of things I first saw as a problem or even a failure. I did the same things I tell you NOT to do. In other words, I kinda beat myself up a little bit at first about the moments that didn’t go so well. 

And then I remembered the mantra made ever-so-memorable by Blockbuster: Be Kind, Rewind. 

In other words, I needed to see the slightly rougher moments of my entrepreneur life for how I handled them, and what I learned from them. I’m not gonna lie—there were a couple of times I worried about my fumbles, but now I sure see a lot of good things. So, so, SO much learning and growth and opportunity. 

I hope you’ll be kind and rewind as you look back at your own year. 

Give the podcast a listen for all the details.

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