Over 11,000 orders shipped in less than a year…and hitting 70k in sales in a single month?!

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Over 11,000 orders shipped in less than a year…and hitting 70k in sales in a single month?!

Starting an online store is exciting and fun…and a little bit scary.

Starting an online store in Canada to sell to customers in the United States…is tricky. But Khalpana Vel has been crushing it! 

And by crushing it, I mean over 11,000 orders shipped in less than a year AND hitting 70k in sales in a single month!

How’d she do it? 

Formerly an art teacher with her own studio, Khalpana started her company Amaze It only about three years ago. She started slow and ran into some pretty big bumps at first—a lot of things she had to figure out when it came to importing products. 

But she learned each and every step of the way, and when she had an “aha” moment that her business TOOK OFF. She even went from running a success seasonal business to kicking it into high gear and selling year-round. 

This wife and mom of two also taught her kids (one is in university) about how her business operates. That came in HUGE when she had to leave for several weeks with orders that still needed to be processed. Everything went out right on time, and Khalpana learned that she could run a profitable business whether she was in Canada, Dubai, or virtually anywhere in the world. 

Listen to Khalpana share how her online store came to be, how she started selling to U.S. customers, and what she learned about marketplaces, websites, family, and business all along the way.

Top Ten Takeaways

  1. Saying “yes” to an opportunity can change your life.
  2. Failures aren’t final. 
  3. Use what you know as your inspiration.
  4. You don’t need confidence to start a business; it comes along the way.
  5. If you want something enough, you’ll figure it out. 
  6. If you’re comfortable, you’re not learning.
  7. Compound offers.
  8. Set goals and know what it takes to achieve them.
  9. Know what’s trending but sell your own version of it.
  10. Hire a team you trust.
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