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How Changing Product Photos Can Drive Sales

Does it feel like February is chugging along at a snail's pace? 

Yea, this month tends to be a bit slow, but I don't want that to stop you from making BIG moves in your business.⁣

This week, I talked to professional photographer Natalie Napoleon about taking great product photos that convert into sales.  

As I mentioned last week, February tends to be a slower month in e-commerce sales, but I don't want that to stop you from making it your best month yet! I've noticed that the quality of photos in my businesses directly impacts my sales numbers. So much so that I now make it a big priority to produce excellent content to drive sales.

Natalie has been in the photography business for two decades, so I knew she'd be the perfect brain to pick. We talked a bit about her background, and then I dove into my list of questions.

She shared how to take better photos overall, the difference between regular and lifestyle pictures, what equipment you need to get started, and how to edit it all! We also covered how you tell a story through your photos and her top pieces of advice for new entrepreneurs looking to improve their photography skills.

I hope you're feeling ready to add photographer to your ever-growing roster of skills because I can't wait to see all of the amazing product photos you take!

product photos with Natalie Napoleon

How to Take Lifestyle Photos

Have you mastered the art of taking product photos against a white backdrop? That's great and definitely an important skill, but it may also hold you back from making more sales in your business.

The boring white backdrop can only get you so far. If you really want to drive your sales, then you need to incorporate some lifestyle photography into the mix. Lifestyle photography can mean putting your product in a real-life scenario or even just in a pretty setting.

These product photos help your customers envision how and why they would be using your product. It helps to capture your buyer's emotions and do the instant click to buy. 

Tips to Improve the Quality of Lifestyle Photos

  • Don't overcrowd the photo. You want to keep the viewer focused and sure of what they should be looking at.
  • Use colors wisely. You don't want to have everything in the same shade of gray, green, etc. When highlighting an item, use a color that pops. 
  • Consider placement. You want circular flow in your photos. And place the most important item in the bottom right-hand corner of the photo.
  • Explore all of the angles. Practice makes perfect!

You Don't Need A Fancy Camera For Product Photos

We're each carrying amazing little devices that we may not use to their fullest capabilities in our pockets. Our phones are really all we need to take quality product photos.

Natalie recommends the iPhone 12 Pro Max. It's got all of the features you need to take great pictures. And the same goes if you're an Android user. 

For editing those awesome product photos, she suggests either Adobe Lightroom or even just using the built-in functions on your phone. The key is to not get too carried away with editing. You want the product to be as close to a real-life depiction as possible. And to piggyback on that thought, try to get the shot as best as possible in-camera so that you can keep the edits to a minimum. 

For lighting, focus on finding the best natural light possible and move your product around until you think the light is capturing it best. Natalie mentions picking up foam core from the craft store to help reflect and block light.

If you're not feeling confident in your artistic ability, then it's time to do some research. Look through magazines and websites to see what other people are doing. The more you consume the information, the more your eye will adapt to that of a photographer. And then test it out! Your social media will offer you an insight into what photos do better than others. 

Tell a Story Through Product Photos

Let your customer envision themselves using your products. If you're selling pajama pants, then put them on a model or create a scene where they're sitting around a Christmas tree. If you're selling a book, then put it on a shelf next to a reading area.

You want your customer to daydream and really feel a connection to your product. 

Advice for Entrepreneurs

Taking product photos can take up A LOT of your time! Try to set up everything beforehand, like lighting and scenes, to help with that. Also, time block a preset amount of time that you'll be working so that you don't turn around with the whole day behind you. Make sure you're allowing time for editing photos too!

Make sure you're clearing your background, so you have a clean space to work with. You want a nice clear scene so that the focus stays on your product. 

And finally, Natalie encourages you not to get too stressed out. You got this! This is supposed to be fun, so have fun with it. Enjoy your product and allow your creativity to flow. 

Just put down the product and take a picture of it. Don't think about what you need to take the picture for. Oftentimes, our feelings and our brains tend to prevent us from getting good photographs. So just take the time to put the picture in a scene, take a picture of it, and then look at it. And if it's not working, take another picture.

If you want more advice from Natalie, then be sure to head over to her website. She is doing mentoring photographers looking to improve their sales!

Top Takeaways

10. Lean into the things you're good at even if you're not sure how it would do as a business

9. Clear your background

8. Use color

7. Move around to get the best shot

6. Use your phone camera

5. Take great photos in-camera

4. You can't out edit a bad picture

3. Use a foam core to help with light

2. Do your research for photo inspiration

1. Write down all the shots you want to take beforehand

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