What To Do When You Hit a Dead-End

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What To Do When You Hit a Dead-End

Ronisa Clark posted a picture of a ton of packages stacked up in her house in my private Facebook Group for the 0-$100k System where I teach how to start an online shop.  In her post, she said that just before getting those 50 orders, she was feeling a bunch of disappointment. 

I actually thought that overcoming this disappointment is what I’d talk to her about when she came on the podcast but as we got talking, I realized her superpower was something far greater than that. And I can’t wait to share it with you.

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How Ronisa Clark Found Her Way

Getting a second job or starting her own business. That’s the dilemma Ronisa Clark was in during 2017. She was staring at a huge amount of student loans and knew that she was going to have to find another income source to get that paid off before the next century.

After she first joined the 0-$100k System, it wasn’t an instant success. If fact, she got shiny object syndrome and bounced around to a lot of different business models. She’d get out there searching the internet for something then come across how someone made a million bucks dropshipping. Next thing you know, she was going down that path. Has that ever happened to you? I sure know I’ve been there.

In April of 2020, she was determined to get focused and make this thing work. That’s about the time she heard about the Next Level program. After some sweet-talking to her husband, they were both on board that if she wanted to take this thing to the next level (no pun intended) she’d need some more support. So she joined, and we couldn’t be happier to have her in there.

There’s No Such Thing As Failure

It wasn’t long after joining the Next Level program that Ronisa Clark dropped an image in the Facebook Group that made my jaw hit the ground. There weren’t just 10 or 15 orders in this picture, there were 50 orders. These were huge boxes that filled the whole room!

But before those 50 sales came rolling in, it was trial and error of joining various Facebook Groups, going to craft shows, reaching out to influencers, and a lot of other stuff. The important part is that whenever something didn’t work, Ronisa looked at why it didn’t work and how that could be adjusted for next time. Huge lesson there!

Through those initial ups and downs, she was still able to sell $12,000 in revenue in 2019. Keep in mind, this is before she joined Next Level. 

Balancing Work, Family, and Entrepreneurship 

Ronisa might as well have a cape because this woman is like a superhero! Not only is she building this online empire, but she is STILL working her full-time accounting job and making time to be the amazing mom and wife that she is to her 2 kids and husband. If that isn’t impressive, I don’t know what is.

But every superhero needs that sidekick to balance them out. For Ronisa, that person is her husband Christopher. She said that he’s the one that’ll tell her to close the computer when it’s time for bed or go for a walk when she’s been inside all day. He’s there looking out for her.

We all need that person cheering us on because one thing is for sure: this journey isn’t an easy one.

Ronisa Clark On Getting Started

As Ronisa experienced, there are tons of options out there online for how to start your business. Not only how to start but also what type of business will work best and be “easiest.” As she said, take everything with a grain of salt. 

As I talked about last week, getting on YouTube University and thinking you can learn everything you need is going to be a slow and painful process. I know this from first-hand experience as well. When I found my first mastermind and online course, my business went from growing at a snail's pace to being on a jet.

My Top Takeaways From Ronisa Clark

  1. Starting a business is more logical than starting a second job
  2. Lean into that support person
  3. Get off the rollercoaster of distraction
  4. Are you a shopper of products or are you growing
  5. Know you are here because you are approved
  6. She knows chemistry (and numbers)
  7. You may have to sell other stuff to find what you really love
  8. Learn from your dead-ends and failures
  9. If you build it, they don’t come
  10. Influencers can help you craft the story about your product
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