How She Did 6 Figures In 7 Months

From: How to Sell Online  with Alison J. Prince

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How She Did 6 Figures In 7 Months

What's It About…

I’ve been so darn antsy to share this interview that I did – you’re in for such a treat this week! 

Honestly, there aren't many more satisfying things in life for me than to see some of my students succeed, and that’s what I get to share with you today.

So, who is it?!

Drum roll pleaseeeeeee.

If you haven’t already come across her in the Facebook Group or somewhere else on the interwebs, then you’ve been missing out. 

This interview is with Megan Pyrah, owner of Salted Avenue, and we go into so many topics that I think a lot of female entrepreneurs deal with and have to overcome to be successful.

Salted Avenue wasn’t always the direction she was going – she dabbled in blogging, social media, and a bunch of other things as the internet and online business evolved. 

In the beginning, she was just trying all these different things, and although she wasn't having major success, she was definitely generating some side income.

Then one summer her kids came running up to her with the classic idea of starting a lemonade stand.

To say the least, she wasn't feeling it.

To convince her kids to kick the idea to the curb of doing one of those dreaded lemonade stands, she presented them with a new opportunity: take things online instead. They did just that, and to her kid’s surprise, they made a few hundred bucks online versus the maybe $10 they would’ve made sitting all weekend on the corner trying to peddle lemonade. 

Opportunity, hope, and possibility presented itself after this first round of success. It wasn’t a pie-in-the-sky idea anymore – they’d proven it worked and that people, who they didn’t even know, would pull out their credit cards and give them money.

That first online sale is something magical.

Her boys were finding products, launching them, packing orders, and earning money!

Their online business quickly moved past that first sale, then past the tenth, and it didn’t slow down. 

Megan didn’t stop there though, she was able to build her online business to 6 figures in revenue in 7 months!

Yea, you read that right.  In just over half a year she had built a cash-generating machine!

Of course this is amazing, but as mom entrepreneurs, we have other things that we must overcome outside of just the business challenges.

For so many moms that are trying their best to start an online business and create a better life for their family, there comes a time when they can begin to resent the business that they once craved so much to start. 

This is mom guilt. 

If this is what you are feeling or have felt, then Megan’s advice is to…

“Bring them along with you, explain the things you are doing, and they will learn and understand better”

“Bring them along” – I love it

This is exactly what I did with my girls as well – and it helps soo much!

Towards the end of this interview, we go into some of her first products, how she picked them, and why she thinks you need to keep putting out more products. 

If you want to learn about that and Megan’s journey to a 6-figure business with her family, then you’ll want to click play above or look for it on your favorite streaming up. 

Key Takeaways:

  • The start: Blogging, social media, physical products, digital marketing.(2:50)
  • One summer, Megan’s two youngest boys wanted to do a lemonade stand. (4:13)
  • A year into her family biz, she saw an ad for my webinar and signed up.(5:06)
  • Her sons found products, launched them, packed orders, and earned. (7:07)
  • Diving more into my course, the family listened to what I taught them. (8:36)
  • Being consistent over and over again, no matter what month it is. (13:02)
  • “Don't let your family be the excuse for not going for your dreams.” (14:01)
  • Her “why” is big enough in what her business goals are. (15:03)
  • Journaling and figuring out where she needs to spend her time that day. (15:44)
  • Megan shares her goals with her family members; they inspire each other. (17:01)
  • About mom guilt: “Bring them along with you; explain what you're doing.” (22:07)
  • “The more products you put out, the less scary it gets.” (25:44)
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