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Your Game Plan To Get Your Products Featured With Selena Soo

Ever daydreamed about getting featured in a magazine like Forbes? Or talking about your product on a fun podcast? Well, what if I told you that you're only a few steps away from making that dream a reality! Today's guest, Selena Soo is a true connector. She is a marketing and publicity strategist for entrepreneurs, experts, and authors and helps them feature their brands and products in big publications like Forbes and The Oprah Magazine.

Selena Soo is so passionate about sharing other people's messages and making sure they get the recognition they deserve. We talked about the different places her clients have been featured and how new business owners can get started in the process. 

Selena shares how to approach local media and find people to cover your brand even when you don't have any contacts. Selena Soo offers advice on becoming confident enough to pitch yourself and three essential tips you don't want to miss out on!

I can't wait for you to listen to this episode and hear your business story through the lens of many of the amazing publications out there! Get ready to learn some amazing info that'll get you living out your dreams in no time!

Selena Soo

Selena Soo On Starting Her Entrepreneur Business

The seeds for Selena's business were planted in her mid-twenties when she found herself listless and depressed. She was unable to even get out of bed in the mornings and struggled to get better until she found a women's life coaching group. That group completely opened her eyes as she learned from other coaches, authors, and entrepreneurs about concepts she had never even heard about!

Those teachings revealed that oftentimes when people are struggling or suffering, they are really looking for more inspiration. This realization sparked a passion in her to help others with their own inspirational messages to make a bigger impact on the world around them! 

Now one of her biggest passions is amplifying the voices of people who have important things to say and products to share and making sure it gets out there in the world. 

She's always been such a natural connector and had such a knack for getting people to pay attention. Because she leaned into her gifts and passion her business just continued to grow and flourish right in front of her.

Her clients have been featured in so many different places and spaces like the Today Show, Mind Body Green, and some of the most popular podcasts. 

How A New Business Owner Can Get Featured 

It can seem daunting even to know where to start when you want to get your name out there. 

I get it. You've just started your business out of your living room and can't even imagine something as big as the Today Show knocking on your front door just yet. But don't even worry about it!

You've got to start somewhere, and usually, that place is pretty close to home. Focus on getting connected to your local news sources. There are opportunities right in your backyard, and that might be through our social connections on LinkedIn and Facebook. Maybe you have a high school friend who could be a good contact or even the little boutique down the street.

The point is to look for those low-hanging fruits and start there. 

When you think about pitching your product to a news outlet, you want to first craft a story. It should be more than just an ad for your business but how you provide value to the marketplace. 

And when it's time to find those opportunities, don't worry about not having any connections. It's as simple as picking up the phone or sending out an email and putting yourself out there. 

Be proactive about creating opportunities for yourself. When it comes to putting yourself out there, you have to put those feelings of imposter syndrome on the backburner. We are our own worst critics and so focused on what we're doing wrong. 

But you've got to take imperfect action. The only way to grow is to move forward. And remember that no one is judging you as harshly as you think! Get out there and believe in yourself and the people who are meant to find you will believe in you too!

Three Tips Selena Soo Has To Share 

Selena Soo offers the first piece of advice is to always lead with the service aspect of whatever you're creating. How does your product change peoples' lives? You want more than just a sales pitch. 

Along the same lines, how is your product connected to something else? For instance, if you sell bath bombs, maybe try connecting it to self-care. You want to look at different angles that a prospective buyer may be attracted to. 

Another tip is to get feedback from your audience. Use them to help you figure out where you should direct your attention and where you should make connections. 

Also, do your research. Google is your friend and can help you find the top media outlets in the niche you are looking for. 

Selena is so passionate about helping you get the spotlight that she's offering a FREE publicity calendar for those in the Because I Can Life community. This will help you get organized and finally help get your voice heard and recognized!

Top Takeaways

10. Publicity is where others are talking about you and that carries a lot more weight than you just talking about yourself.

9. Get started by reaching out to your local media.

8. Getting featured gets you validity very, very fast.

7. Create expert topics that you can create story ideas with, and that's what you actually give to the media. 

6. When you email into the media, ask them who the best person is to deliver the story to.

5. Haro can actually bring reporters to you to help you to find story ideas that they're looking for pretty quickly. 

4. When you're out there presenting, most people are looking for the good.

3. Where you're at today is going to be a whole lot different than where you're at in 100 days. 

2.Your products and your messages help other people out.

1.Check out the calendar that Selena so graciously shared!

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