Top Tools From 8 Successful Online Shop Owners

From: How to Sell Online  with Alison J. Prince

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Top Tools From 8 Successful Online Shop Owners

Whoaa!  After my inbox blew up with feedback from episode 17, when I brought in 7 influencers to tell you what they look for when working with businesses like yours, I knew I had to bring back this style of podcast again.  So today’s podcast episode is focused on YOU again.

I thought it would help you out if you could find out what tools some of my top students in the $0-100k System currently use to help them scale past the 6-figure mark.  We're talking about the top tools from eight successful online shop owners!

Wouldn’t you love to hear that info?

Go ahead and break out the pen and paper so you can find out the tools that helped their rubber hit the road all the way to $100K and beyond. 

All of these women have built brag-worthy brands while balancing family life. Get ready to hear their tricks and be inspired. These women are absolutely worth listening to.  

Katie from New Tradition Crafts

“If you build it, they will come does not apply to e-commerce”

The number one thing Katie says she learned since opening her online store is the importance of understanding and being intentional with traffic.

There are tons of ways to get traffic to your website – Facebook ads, email newsletters, product launches, influencer shoutouts, collaborations with other businesses, going live on social media, or product unboxings. 

But instead of trying everything, focus on a single traffic source.

Learn, apply, learn, apply. 

When you get good at it, then it’s time to automate it and focus on another channel.

Lidia from Bodoke Kids Boutique

Get a roadmap.

Lidia said a roadmap for starting and growing an online business was one of the most valuable things she leveraged since opening her online business. And although there are a ton of other people with roadmaps for starting an online business, I’m flattered that she said it was the 0-$100k roadmap that she used to scale past the 6-figure mark.

Within that roadmap, how to leverage influencers has helped her take the business to a whole new level.

Megan from Salted Avenue

Megan says Instagram Stories is her top tool and there are two powerful ways that she recommends using it.

First, you should be using to tell mini-stories with your audience to deepen the connection and bring them on the inside. 

Secondly, you need to get others sharing your business in their Instagram Stories. This will allow you to reach new audiences and the trust factor is already elevated because it’s being shared by someone they know. 

Olivia from Starlette Galleria

Like Katie and Lidia above, Olivia says influencers are the #1 thing that helped her scale from $0-100k.

Her advice on finding the perfect influencer to promote your products is simple. Find the influencer that you follow that you’ve purchased something from in the past. This means that others have likely done the same. 

Then you have to make an attractive offer to the influencer that makes it an easy “yes” for them.

And when you start getting sales from these the traffic these influencers sent your way, make sure you keep engaging with them. Once they start consuming your Instagram Stories and see you are a real person, they will keep coming back to support your store.

Michon from Ivy & Sage Market

You’re going to start seeing a theme here. Michon also says that influencers, in particular, micro-influencers, were a game-changer in getting their business over the 6-figure mark.

Since she was creating a high-end premium brand, she didn’t just settle for any influencer that would say yes; she did tons of research to locate the ones that matched the look and feel of their brand.

The crazy part about their successful influencer strategy – they haven’t spent a dime outside of the product cost. All they’ve had to do is send free products to their influencers, and they promote the products. #win

If you want a roadmap or insights on how to leverage influencers like several of these awesome ladies, be sure to check out the 0-$100k System to learn my 3 secrets for planning, launching, and growing your own successful online shop.

Want to hear the other 3 top tools from successful online store owners? Check out this episode of the How to Sell Online podcast by clicking play above! 



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