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The Principle of Giving and the Power of Giving

The Principle of Giving and the Power of Giving

There are a lot of business principles that I teach the e-commerce business owners I work with, from how to find products to calculating profit margins. But there’s another principle I encourage every entrepreneur to include as part of their business…and that is all about the principle of giving–and the power of giving. 


Because one of the things I have learned time and time again over the years is that when we as business owners give—without expecting anything in return—we always get more back than we could have ever expected.

Now, I will absolutely tell you that the principle of giving makes absolutely ZERO sense in terms of ROI.  

I mean, if you give someone five bucks you have five bucks less, right?  

Well, in the video I share how giving away $9K actually led my husband and me to gain $9K more in an amazing and very unexpected way. 

For Jared and me, being willing to give up $9,000 in car value wasn’t done with the intent of ever getting anything in return.

It was just the right thing for us to do…and truly not anything we ever anticipated discussing with anyone. 

Certainly not here on my blog. 

But when we recognized the blessing that came to us when we were looking for a vehicle for ourselves—that we were able to purchase an amazing car for $18,000 less than we had expected to pay—we knew that we needed to share it.

Not to brag about being generous but to show the power of giving in a very real way. 

Here are a few takeaways on the power of giving:

  1. When we give as business owners, sometimes you can track it in terms of charitable contributions–but often you can't. But there are plenty of other ways to give that don’t have a dollar sign attached. Sharing your time, knowledge or skills can also be a form of giving. 
  2. Giving should never have an expectation attached. When you give as a business principle or as a personal principle, do so because you feel it’s the right thing to do—not because you expect something in return. 
  3. Just as you look for opportunities to give, recognize those moments when you have received and be grateful for them. As I mention in the video, often it’s when you’re struggling with a situation and when you need help that you find that your load has been lightened or that you’ll get a hand up in a completely unexpected way. 

Have you ever benefited from the principle of giving? Have you seen greater joy and abundance in your life because you have shared…or received? I’d love to know about it. Share your stories with me on my Facebook page. 

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